Lemon Squares Recipe – Pucker Up!


One of my most loved recipes is for lemon squares. They are intensely tart and fresh tasting, with a thin, buttery crust and a soft, jelly like curd. I’ve become quite the snob about it and barely order them at any bakery, even though they’re one of my favorite treats, because I think these are the best! Every time I bring them to a gathering people ask me for the recipe. Here’s the secret… you’ve probably had it under your roof for ages! Continue reading “Lemon Squares Recipe – Pucker Up!”

Christmas Breakfast: Gourmet Egg Tart Recipe

Christmas Breakfast - Gourmet Egg Tart

Christmas morning is possibly the best morning of the entire year. My siblings and I have always lined up at the top of the stair (even as our horizontal growing has made it quite a tight squeeze), and then rushed down to the glorious site of the tree all lit up, hot chocolate on the stove, and presents galore! Though present opening takes a good 3 hours and chocolate and candy canes seem like enough breakfast to tide us over until dinner, a fabulous breakfast treat is never turned away. Continue reading “Christmas Breakfast: Gourmet Egg Tart Recipe”

Freedom from the Crust: Mixed Berry Cobbler Recipe

Mixed Berry Cobbler Freedom from the Crust

A little while back, my adventurous baking friend Adriana and I went to get our nails done. Reading Food and Wine whilst having someone pamper our toes, we were inspired to make a decadent dinner. More importantly, we drooled over pages of cobblers and tarts so long that we just had to make a fabulous dessert happen that night. What spawned from a relaxed spa day and a trip to Trader Joe’s was this Mixed Berry Cobbler. Continue reading “Freedom from the Crust: Mixed Berry Cobbler Recipe”