Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

 Seeing as I started my holiday weekend early by taking a day yesterday to spend with my best friend by the pool, I’ve completely let you down on a Fri-DIY! I hope you’ll forgive me since you’ll be busy lounging with family and friends outside anyways celebrating our beautiful country. My plan is to grill, hang by the pool with some great friends, and create some fabulous drinks to share with y’all… Sound ok? What are you all up to? Have a fantastic holiday, and God bless America!!

Freedom from the Crust: Mixed Berry Cobbler Recipe

Mixed Berry Cobbler Freedom from the Crust

A little while back, my adventurous baking friend Adriana and I went to get our nails done. Reading Food and Wine whilst having someone pamper our toes, we were inspired to make a decadent dinner. More importantly, we drooled over pages of cobblers and tarts so long that we just had to make a fabulous dessert happen that night. What spawned from a relaxed spa day and a trip to Trader Joe’s was this Mixed Berry Cobbler. Continue reading “Freedom from the Crust: Mixed Berry Cobbler Recipe”