Elastic High Waisted Shorts with Exposed Pockets Sewing Tutorial

I finished these shorts back in June, but with all of the travel we planned over the summer I never got around to posting about them! At the start of this summer, I took a look through my closet and realized I was seriously lacking in shorts. Since I work from home now, I like to wear casual pieces during the day, and with temperatures reaching the 90s and our home not having central AC, I knew shorts were going to be a necessity.

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Crossbody Pouch Style Purse (and Fanny Pack!) Sewing Tutorial

High school me (and really any time in the last 20 years me) is reeling that I would dare make and style a fanny pack on the blog today, but here we are! After moving to Boulder, Kyle and I spend so much time hiking, biking, and walking everywhere, and sometimes you just need to have your hands free. I have some crossbody bags, but most of them are really small and had very long straps, and are quite honestly way too fancy to be hiking and biking around with. I went in search of a bag pattern and found the Nicola Pouch.

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DIY Linen Duvet and Shams

Long time no blog! I’m not sure why, but it has been a while since I’ve blogged any projects, even though I have been creating and sharing over on my Instagram. As Covid-19 cases started to reduce in the start of the year and more of our friends and family are vaccinated, we are getting more visitors, and we decided we really needed to step up our guest room game!

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Velvet Reversible Christmas Stocking Sewing Tutorial

We are only one week away from Christmas! Kyle and I are heading out to Chicago to see my family this weekend, and we couldn’t be more excited. Our plans include baking far to many cookies, designing an elaborate gingerbread house, and generally enjoying being together! Times like these I just love the work from home setup so that we can stay for two weeks and still be able to work if needed. Continue reading “Velvet Reversible Christmas Stocking Sewing Tutorial”

DIY Thanksgiving Table Decor

Thanksgiving table decorations

If there is anything we can all get behind this year, it’s that we are all getting in the holiday mood early! Everyone was going all out for Halloween, and quickly after we have transitioned into Thanksgiving/ Christmas. I usually wait to do Christmas decorating until after Thanksgiving, but the tree went up and it’s making us so happy! Since Thanksgiving is such a food centric holiday, and because it is out first year with a dining table, I decided to go with a Fall themed table scape perfect for a party of six (even if it is only being used for two).

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The Perfect Fall Cocktail for Everyone

At some point during the Fall, I get tired of the pumpkin things and move on to the apple things. I go out and buy the best apple cider available, the Trader Joe’s spiced apple cider, and then I make everything I can with it. The cocktail I’m sharing today is a result of some experimentation with this apple cider and my lack of other specialty ingredients… and it turned out to be AMAZING!

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