The Perfect Fall Cocktail for Everyone

At some point during the Fall, I get tired of the pumpkin things and move on to the apple things. I go out and buy the best apple cider available, the Trader Joe’s spiced apple cider, and then I make everything I can with it. The cocktail I’m sharing today is a result of some experimentation with this apple cider and my lack of other specialty ingredients… and it turned out to be AMAZING!

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Clementine Coconut Cocktails

What happens when you have a bag of clementines about to go bad in the refrigerator, a new found love for Waterloo coconut sparkling water (not sponsored, it’s just that good), and a free Friday afternoon? This bomb cocktail that tastes like vacation, but isn’t so ungodly sweet that you get a headache as you’re drinking it. The recipe I’m sharing with you all today is truly a gem. Continue reading “Clementine Coconut Cocktails”

Watermelon Rosé Snow Cones

Nothing says the Fourth of July like a hot day in the sun with a big ‘ole slice of watermelon. It’s one of those fruits that single people don’t really buy unnecessarily because it’s an awful lot of fruit to eat alone. Thus, it has gone in to my unofficial list of “party foods”, or things that somehow seem too outlandish and decadent to buy without an event in mind. Prosciutto, more than one block of cheese, smoked salmon, and any of the flowers that don’t come in the $4 bucket… But don’t you worry, the Fourth of July is here and it’s time to buy all of the things. It’s time for a party, and it’s time for watermelon rosé snow cones! Continue reading “Watermelon Rosé Snow Cones”

Pineapple Jalapeno Margaritas

I like to think that Cinco de Mayo (which I recognize is just an American excuse to make margaritas and chow down on tacos) is the start of margarita season. I never think to make a margarita except for in the heat of the Summer, and then the craving is REAL. I want it sweet, salty, spicy, and cold. Continue reading “Pineapple Jalapeno Margaritas”

Cranberry Moscow Mule Cocktail


With Thanksgiving only a week (that’s right, 1 WEEK!) away, I’ve got my mind on turkey, stuffing, and cranberries. Oh, and celebratory I’m home in Chicago cocktails with my parents! Since turkey and stuffing don’t lend themselves very well to a cocktail, I stuck with the cranberries.

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Fireside Apple Cider Recipe Update


At this time of year every year I rush over to Trader Joe’s to buy their apple cider. It’s cheap, comes in a reasonable sized container, and is the BEST apple cider. I love how much apple flavor it has, along with an amazing blend of spices. With my trusty apple cider in hand, I was ready to make a fireside apple cider cocktail!

In looking over my old photos, I couldn’t believe how sad they looked. This drink is too special to look so depressing, so I updated the photos for you! Get inspired by the new photos and try out my favorite Fall cocktail! Warm, spiced, and delightful – there is no way you won’t love this recipe! Check it out here.

This weekend I am moving forward from the election drama and getting excited about a few fun things. I am getting my first facial ever after being inspired by my visit to a friend who raved about them! I am also trying to reduce my sugar intake to help my skin… so we will see how that goes… Friday night I am celebrating two of my good friends’ birthdays which will be a blast, and later in the weekend Megan and I are planning to try a totally new arrangement in the apartment! Literally one of my favorite things to do is rearrange furniture… I know I’m weird but having architects as parents has it ingrained in me! What do y’all have planned?