Open Back Pom Pom Trimmed Tank Sewing Tutorial

Open Back Tank with Pom Pom Trim Sewing Pattern 1

It’s amazing how something as childish as pom poms could really make a comeback in fashion, but they, along with their tassel sister, are taking over this Summer. A pom pom trimmed tank is just the item that is simple and comfortable enough to want to wear all the time, but special enough to look like you’re trying. This is especially true when it’s paired with a really spectacular fabric.

Open Back Tank with Pom Pom Trim Sewing Pattern 3

Open Back Tank with Pom Pom Trim Sewing Pattern 5

I found a full collection of fabrics that I fell totally in love with at Joann Crafts the other day. The colorful and modern line by Koko Lee reminded me of something you would see in a Lily Pulitzer store. Finding this fabric that was fun and filled with color, which y’all know I love, I bought multiple bolts. Since the medallion adorned blue fabric was so bright and loud, a tank with an almost cropped length and an open back was the perfect choice.

Open Back Tank with Pom Pom Trim Sewing Pattern 2

I added the overlapping flap on the back side sort of last minute, but it really helps the pom pom trim to stand out! I made sure that my tank was only open back on the lower half since I never want to require a shirt to be worn with one of those sticky bras. I just don’t believe they work, no matter what you say. The openness of the pattern made this shirt incredibly cool to wear on a hot, Houston day, so I know I’ll be wearing it all of the time.

Open Back Tank with Pom Pom Trim Sewing Pattern 4

Outfit Details: Tank Top – Made by Me (similar blue tank, cute split back tank, similar pom pom trimmed tank) || White Shorts (similar white shorts) – Express || Watch – Kate Spade New York

This top is essentially the same base pattern as the eyelet peplum tank, but with a lengthened torso, no peplum, and an altered back piece. I love how fresh the colors and textures are! How have y’all been styling pom poms this Summer?

See below for the full sewing tutorial.

Open Back Pom Pom Trimmed Tank Sewing Tutorial


1 yard of Koko Lee Fabric from Joann Crafts
White Thread
5 feet Mini Pom Pom Trim from Joann Crafts
Sewing Machine
Measuring Tape
Iron and Ironing Board

Open Back Tank with Pom Pom Trim Sewing Pattern Instructions

1. Fold your fabric in the long direction to meet at the middle so the overall dimensions are 1/2 yard across and 40″ long. Cut out your FRONT and two BACK pieces as shown. I found it was easiest to cut out the FRONT and then use this as a pattern to make the BACK pieces so that they matched perfectly. The BACK pieces are about half of the FRONT plus a few inches on the top, which then swoops down to meet the side of the BACK piece.

2. Sew darts into the FRONT piece about 3″ from the arm pits that are 1″ wide at the edge of the fabric and about 4-5″ long. Follow this dart tutorial for more detail.

3. Place the FRONT and both of the BACK pieces together with the right sides of the fabric touching and the shoulders lined up. One of the BACK pieces should be overlapping the other. Sew along the top of the fabric at the shoulders. Then, sew along the sides of the body.

4. Iron, pin, and sew around the arm holes and neck. Iron and hem all of the bottom edges of the tank, including the rounded edges on the back. I recommend sewing and ironing these over twice so that you avoid any fraying edges. Sew along the small section at the back of the neck where the back pieces overlap to connect them.

5. Pin the mini pom pom trim to the back side of the entire bottom hem and the back curved edges of the tank. Sew the trim down along the edge of the fabric. To keep the back flap from opening too much, I sewed the top flap down on to the bottom flap where they overlap.

Open Back Tank with Pom Pom Trim Sewing Pattern 6

6. To finish the tank, cut out a NECK piece for the front of the shirt and a NECK piece for the back of the shirt that are just slightly longer than the neck and about 2″ wide all the way around. Sew these to the front side of the fabric about 1/4″ from the edge of the fabric with the right sides of the fabric touching. Also sew the front NECK piece to the back NECK piece on the two sides right along the top of the shoulders. Fold the fabric inwards and then sew again about 1/4″ from the edge of the neck to finish it off.

Open Back Tank with Pom Pom Trim Sewing Pattern Neckline

11 thoughts on “Open Back Pom Pom Trimmed Tank Sewing Tutorial

    1. Hi Anu, I think this top could definitely be made with a stretchy fabric and lining! I made it with a plain cotton, but the stretch would make it simpler to put on. I would just imagine that the net fabric would not work so well with a trim, but if you lined it and left the net with a raw hem I could see that looking very cool! Would probably just connect the lining to the net at the neck, or maybe the sides.


    1. Thanks so much Lisa! I’m glad you like it. I really like that it is a little revealing but definitely not overly so. I think the fun pattern and the Pom poms make it less sexy feeling too – doesn’t take itself so seriously 🙂


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