Crossbody Pouch Style Purse (and Fanny Pack!) Sewing Tutorial

High school me (and really any time in the last 20 years me) is reeling that I would dare make and style a fanny pack on the blog today, but here we are! After moving to Boulder, Kyle and I spend so much time hiking, biking, and walking everywhere, and sometimes you just need to have your hands free. I have some crossbody bags, but most of them are really small and had very long straps, and are quite honestly way too fancy to be hiking and biking around with. I went in search of a bag pattern and found the Nicola Pouch.

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My Two Favorite, No-Pattern DIY Face Masks

No matter where you live in the US, it’s safe to say we have adopted mask culture. I’m personally happy to wear a mask. It keeps other people safe from me if I am potentially sick and don’t know it, and me safe from others if they happen to be sick. It’s an easy way to take care of one another and ourselves, and there is no reason we can’t make them a part of our ensembles!

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The Easy Way to Make a Waterfall Veil (any length!)

Photography by Brandon O’Neal:

With another slew of weddings coming up this month, I thought it was high time I got around to publishing my DIY veil post! Three of my friends got married in the Spring and all asked if I could make their veils. This was such an honor for me to see them in something I made, and it was even better that this saved them money and took almost no time or effort! Continue reading “The Easy Way to Make a Waterfall Veil (any length!)”

How to Remove Tough Stains from Shoes

As it so happens, tragedy struck on my Hawaiian adventure, and it went a little something like this:

  1. Book a spectacular kayaking adventure.
  2. Be smart and put shoes into a bag so that they don’t get lost if our kayak gets flooded in the ocean.
  3. Remove soaked shoes post kayak adventure to find that a pair of Rainbows* has completely stained my glorious blush slip on’s.

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Copycat MISA Ombre Tassel Earring DIY

You know when you see something in the stores and you’re like, how in the world can they charge that price for that item? Sometimes it’s really high quality materials. OK. Sometimes it’s handmade and part of the proceeds go to help children go to school in a war torn country. OK. This time, I’m not buying it.

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DIY Choker Necklace


Have you been holding out on chokers like I have? My obsession with the 90’s started with the music and ended at the TV shows. I never thought I would find myself donning flannel and chokers again… until 2016 hit. Fashion trends are so cyclical, and though it sometimes takes me a little while to think, “OK, it does look cool again.”, I usually embrace them in the end.

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DIY Rose Quartz and Gold Bracelets


When it comes to jewelry, I can be pretty picky. I’m not into huge statement pieces or the teeny tiny delicate ones. I like a little color and a little bit of sparkle, and it has to be comfortable to wear (you will never find me wearing stacked rings). Oh, and I’m working with that beer budget, y’all. In order to get something I loved at a great price, I went out and made my own!

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