Gingersnap Men

I’m not sure how the tradition of making cookies at Christmas time came about, but I’m not complaining about it. Cookies happen to be my favorite desserts to make, and probably my favorite dessert to eat. Something I’ve never really been fond of, though, is gingerbread. Continue reading “Gingersnap Men”

DIY “Screen Printed” Christmas PJ’s


Two things make me really excited about today’s DIY:

  1. One of my favorite Christmas movies is Elf, and I feel that this quote just really embodies the movie and also my diet.
  2. I added this quote to my PJ’s using only paper, spray adhesive, and fabric paint!! That’s right, no Silohouette, no Cricut, and no iron on letters. That, my friends, is a cheap way to screen print.

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How to Throw a Cookie Decorating Party + The Best Christmas Sugar Cookie Cutouts


When you think of Christmas traditions you have, what are the main standouts? My favorite things include:

  • Going downtown Chicago on Christmas Eve with my family, followed by 5:00 pm Mass
  • Watching Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate with my friends to get pumped for the holiday
  • Driving around Houston to see all of the gorgeous Christmas lights
  • Baking and decorating Christmas cookies

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Christmas Santa Whoopie Pies


With Christmas less than two weeks away I have been packing in as many peppermint flavored, red and green themed, twinkly light adorned activities as I can! This past weekend my friend had a Christmas party and I (naturally) volunteered to make dessert. I thought, what would be cuter than some Santa whoopie pies? Continue reading “Christmas Santa Whoopie Pies”

DIY Blush and Gold Christmas Wreath


With Christmas being only weeks away, I’m sure you’ve started your decorating. You pull out all of your glitzy garlands, scented candles, and pine needle centerpieces out of storage, set them up around the house, and then take a look to see that something is missing. Though finding old treasures from past years is fun, it’s always exciting to add something new into the mix.

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10 Best Gifts for Sewers

I’ve written about the essential sewing tools that any sewer must have before in this post. If you know any aspiring seamstresses who need new tools, you should definitely consider buying them these essential items! But what do people who already sew really want for Christmas?

Besides the all encompassing fabric store gift cards (I don’t think I could ever have enough), the next best thing are these luxury sewing items that would make your projects so much more seamless. Except they probably will have seams because, you know, it’s a sewing project? Somebody stop me with these puns already.

(Basically, if you want to know what tools I don’t have that I would love, read below, minus the dress form.)


  1. Rotary Cutter, $26 – A rotary cutter allows you to simply slice through fabric in a straight cut without getting those jagged edges you sometimes get with scissors.
  2. Self-healing Cutting Mat, $38 – This mat goes hand in hand with a rotary cutter so that you can slice through fabric and not through your nice table. This mat heals itself so it never gets any grooves in it.
  3. Incredible Sewing Scissors, $24 – The best of the best, the sharpest of the sharp.
  4. Pinking Shears, $13 – These might look like those fun scissors you had as a kid. And they are, but they work with fabric. The zig zag edge helps fabric from fraying and allows it to bend more easily.
  5. Bodkin, $2.50 – You know when you have to get elastic through a lonnnng slot? This is basically a much easier to use version of the safety pin method.
  6. Bias Tape Makers, $6 – For making nice edges on a blanket, clothing item, placemat, etc., bias tape is a great way to go. This little tool folds the bias tape without you having to use an iron – so handy!
  7. Trio Marking Pen, $18 – This pen can change from black to white to pink, so no matter what color your fabric is, you can see your lines!
  8. Adjustable Dress Form, $99 – Though you can design clothing without one,  a dress form makes draping so much simpler! You can really get a good fit without having to try a garment on 15 times.
  9. 80 Cone Thread Set, $50 – I mean… with a set like this you wouldn’t have to buy thread for YEARS!
  10. Serger, $190 – If you ask me what I want on my wish list items for sewing, it would be a serger. It gives you the professionally hemmed edge look that all of your clothing has. This is a DREAM tool. This one has great reviews at a very good price.

10 Best Gifts for Bakers

You may have seen my post last week for the 11 best gifts for craft lovers and DIYers. This year I want to make it easy for you to buy gifts for the people in your life that love to make things. Whether its crafting, baking, or sewing, I have scoured the internet in search of the best gifts that they may have not even heard of yet! This week, I’ve focused on rounding up the best tools baking has to offer.

We’ve all got that sweet tooth friend in our lives… or maybe it’s you. Either way, this list of baking items and tools is set to make your holiday shopping easy as pie! Ya know, pie, baking… you get it. Most bakers already have pans, spoons, and spatulas, so I tried to find more fun and exciting gift options that might be more of a luxury. Check out this list of the 10 best gifts for bakers, which ones are you coveting the most?


  1. Digital Measuring Cup, $13 – This tool is a measuring cup and a scale all in one!
  2. Marble Pastry Slab, $50 – This one is perfect for rolling out pastries and pie dough… or more commonly used in my kitchen for those picture perfect food photos. Makes my kitchen look extra fancy!
  3. Nesting Bowls and Cups, $30 – The colors, the utility, and the storage saving on this cup and bowl set is perfection.
  4. Frosting Tip Set, $38 – This tip set has all the tools a baker will need to frost a cake or cookies to their heart’s desire. Plus it comes in a handy storage container.
  5. Microplane Zester, $15 – I swear by this zester for any citrus dessert making I do. It makes getting that tart rind off of fruit incredibly easy.
  6. Rainbow Baking Cups, $6 – Bakers are always needing more baking cups for cupcakes and muffins, and this set comes in all the colors of the rainbow!
  7. Pretty Cake Stand with Dome, $54 – It took a lot of work to make that cake, it deserves to be put on display! A cake stand and dome set is perfect for showing off a cake and then storing it later on.
  8. Baker Cheat Sheet Apron, $19 – The number of times I’ve used my dirty hands to open my phone and check a measurement is obscene. This apron would solve all my lock button woes!
  9. Personalized Embossing Rolling Pin, $35 – Is it ridiculous? Yes. But is it also going to be the best gift ever for someone who loves to make pies? Also yes.
  10. KitchenAid Mixer, $250 – I mean, do I have to even explain? This standing mixer is the creme de la creme of mixers and every baker’s dream tool.

11 Best Gifts for Craft Lovers and DIYers

With the holidays coming up, I find a lot of people struggling to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. My mom, in particular, is always asking me what I want for Christmas, and I have the hardest time coming up with a list! In order to get the creative juices flowing, I figured I would organize my favorite hobbies into lists of the best items for those types of people.

Today I’m starting out with a list of the 10 best gifts for craft lovers and DIYer’s. You know, those people with over 1000 pins for Pinterest DIY decor, lists of IKEA hacks to tackle, and mountains of rainbow markers in their drawers. I fall into this category, and these are the cute items and fantastic tools that I’m dying to get my hands on!


  1. Pink Hot Glue Gun, $10 – A necessary tool for quick crafting. Hot glue will hold almost anything together. Plus everything is cuter in pink.
  2. Utility Knife, $10 – When you’re trying to cut cardboard or even drywall, every DIYer could use a sharp knife that will give you a clean cut.
  3. Heart handle, triangle patterned scissors, $15 – A designated pair of allpurpose scissors are so helpful in all types of crafting, and who can resists how adorable these ones are?
  4. Needle Nose Pliers, $17 – If you love to make jewelry, wreathes, or even find yourself just needing to hang a painting with wire, these pliers will make the smallest of bends and even cut wire for you.
  5. Circle Cutter, $20 – For every time I cut 5 “circles” and then used a template for a circle and still got a misshapen egg, this would have saved me from a lot of headaches.
  6. Micro Stitch, $25 – GUYS. This thing is like a stapler but for fabric! If you don’t know how to sew but want to be able to hem a pair of pants or just make quick costumes, this is what you need.
  7. Paper Trimmer, $26 – When it comes to scrapbooking, a clean edge is key. This paper trimmer will make paper crafting a breeze.
  8. Dremel Rotary Tool, $80 – Ever since I took an engineering class in high school and the only tool they gave us to make a marble drop was a Dremel, I have wanted one every single day. You can use this multi-tool to sand, saw, cut, and drill… it’s amazing!
  9. Mini Paper Craft Punches, $10 – These mini punches make the best tools for card making, scrapbooking, and even confetti making. Because heart confetti > circle confetti.
  10. Cricut Explore Air 2, $250 – A dream tool for any crafter is an electronic cutting machine. This Cricut can draw, emboss, and cut paper, leather, plastic – anything! People on Etsy use this thing with glitter paper to make wedding cake toppers and make a 10x profit, no lie.
  11. Bosche Cordless Drill, Various – I got a Bosche cordless drill for Christmas one year and was SO EXCITED. I can’t tell you how many times I have lent it out to friends to hang up artwork, make woodworking projects, and put together IKEA furniture. It is an essential tool that I think every household needs!