White Chocolate Christmas Reese’s Recipe

White Chocolate Christmas Reese's by Bunny Baubles Blog 4

CHRISTMAS. EXCITEMENT. SUGAR OVERLOAD. BAKING STRESS. Words describing me trying to come up with an impressive, yet doable after work, baked good for my work Christmas party this week. Continue reading “White Chocolate Christmas Reese’s Recipe”

The World’s Easiest DIY Maxi Skirt Sewing Tutorial

Worlds Easiest Maxi Skirt Tutorial by Bunny Baubles Blog

Though I love creative and complex sewing projects for the flexibility they give me to try out new ideas, sometimes I just want to make something quick. Well this project is the definition of quick. Aside from the washing and drying of the fabric, this tutorial should take you approximately 15 minutes to complete. Continue reading “The World’s Easiest DIY Maxi Skirt Sewing Tutorial”

Transitional Floral Pencil Skirt Sewing Tutorial

Transitional Floral Pencil Skirt Tutorial by Bunny Baubles

I’m always looking for pieces to add to my closet that can transition over multiple seasons. The trick is finding colors and patterns that aren’t too specific to one season. Although most floral prints are only appropriate for the Spring time, I found a great one at Joann’s that included darker purples and greens that work really well with the earthy tones that the Fall is known for. Continue reading “Transitional Floral Pencil Skirt Sewing Tutorial”

Casual Key Lime Petit Fours Recipe

Casual Key Lime Petit Fours by Bunny Baubles 2

When you go to an outrageous tea party or want to be incredibly fancy, petit fours are the perfect dessert. The dainty little bite sized bursts of sweetness taste just as good as they look. A light cake, filled with tart fruit filling and an incredibly sweet glaze can be popped into your mouth quickly so you don’t have to carry it around or fumble with any wrapping, making it quite an elegant little dessert. Continue reading “Casual Key Lime Petit Fours Recipe”

3 Ingredient Strawberry Mint Pops Recipe

Strawberry Mint Pops by Bunny Baubles Blog 4

Each week I head to the grocery store on Sunday and stock up for the week. On my sugar reducing kick, I ran to the produce section and stocked up on boxes upon boxes of fresh strawberries, they were on sale! By Wednesday I had eaten approximately half of them, and they started to look a little droopy. I could have frozen them for berry beet smoothies, but I already had a whole bag in there (notice my problem with over-buying produce). Looked like I was going to have to eat the entire box of strawberries in one night. Continue reading “3 Ingredient Strawberry Mint Pops Recipe”

Copycat Recipe: Chuy’s Jalapeno Ranch Dip

Chuy's Jalapeno Ranch Dip by Bunny Baubles Blog

So as you all know, the Superbowl took place this past Sunday, and my friends hosted a huge party to celebrate! With the Superbowl of football comes the super sized bowls of dip, wings, and every other horrible-for-you food you can imagine. Needless to say, we were all uncomfortably stuffed, but quite content. The exciting game in the background didn’t hurt either! Continue reading “Copycat Recipe: Chuy’s Jalapeno Ranch Dip”