Swing Dress with Bow Ties Sewing Tutorial

Rolling in to September, I always feel a little tricked. Back in Chicago, September was the time of year when the leaves started to change colors and a chill appeared in the air. We would bring out our sweaters and gloves to sit on the football field at high school games, and even evaluate coats for the upcoming snowy winter. Houston is a different story.

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How to Remove Tough Stains from Shoes

As it so happens, tragedy struck on my Hawaiian adventure, and it went a little something like this:

  1. Book a spectacular kayaking adventure.
  2. Be smart and put shoes into a bag so that they don’t get lost if our kayak gets flooded in the ocean.
  3. Remove soaked shoes post kayak adventure to find that a pair of Rainbows* has completely stained my glorious blush slip on’s.

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DIY “Screen Printed” Christmas PJ’s


Two things make me really excited about today’s DIY:

  1. One of my favorite Christmas movies is Elf, and I feel that this quote just really embodies the movie and also my diet.
  2. I added this quote to my PJ’s using only paper, spray adhesive, and fabric paint!! That’s right, no Silohouette, no Cricut, and no iron on letters. That, my friends, is a cheap way to screen print.

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Leather Mini Skirt Sewing Tutorial

Faux Leather Mini Skirt Tutorial by Bunny Baubles Blog 3

This Fall is full of fashion trends I’m scrambling to add to my closet:

#1. Burgundy/Bordeaux/Maroon/whatever you want to call that color. Love it.

#2. Anything and everything 70’s inspired. Think flared jeans, suede minis, and fringe.

#3. Leather items – again, mostly the 70’s inspired ones.

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The World’s Easiest DIY Maxi Skirt Sewing Tutorial

Worlds Easiest Maxi Skirt Tutorial by Bunny Baubles Blog

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The Perfect DIY Tee-Shirt Dress Sewing Tutorial

DIY Tee-Shirt Dress from Bunny Baubles Casual style

I’m a huge fan of the tee-shirt dress. It’s casual yet incredibly cute at the same time, and can be accessorized like no other piece of clothing. It’s also just as comfy as wearing pajamas. It’s perfect for throwing on over a swim suit for a trip to the beach, or dressing up with heels for happy hour. You can even add some tights and style it into the cooler fall months! Continue reading “The Perfect DIY Tee-Shirt Dress Sewing Tutorial”