Lined Drop Waist Dress Sewing Tutorial

I went back and forth on a title for this blog post because this dress is just so many things. It’s the cutest pink and white striped fabric for Summer. It’s a drop waist silhouette with a v-neck and v-cut back. Plus, it’s totally lined! That’s right, I learned how to line a dress and I’m 100% v. proud of myself. Continue reading “Lined Drop Waist Dress Sewing Tutorial”

It’s Sew Easy: How to Add Pockets to a Dress Sewing Tutorial

How to add pockets to a dress sewing pattern DIY

“Pockets make everything better”, said everyone every day everywhere. Have you ever been on the fence about buying a dress, but then the moment you find out it has pockets are 100% committed to buying it? I’m guilty. Continue reading “It’s Sew Easy: How to Add Pockets to a Dress Sewing Tutorial”

It’s Sew Easy: How to Hem a Shirt (or anything) Sewing Tutorial

Drop Shoulder Long Sleeve Tee Tutorial by Bunny Baubles 3

For my sewing tutorials I try to spend time explaining in depth how to create each project, not leaving out any details. But sometimes I wonder, when I simply write, “Hem the bottom of the shirt”, are there people out there who have no idea what I’m talking about? How would someone hem a shirt? In that case, I’ve failed y’all! Continue reading “It’s Sew Easy: How to Hem a Shirt (or anything) Sewing Tutorial”

Valentine’s Crush on Blush Swing Dress Sewing Tutorial

Blush Swing Dress Tutorial by Bunny Baubles Blog

Blush, the newest color of the season, has me all kinds of excited. Flattering on all sorts of skin tones, it’s no wonder everyone has been sporting it in coats, accessories, and dresses. Pink is also the perfect color for a Valentine’s Day getup, and it’s only a week away!  Though Kyle and I aren’t huge Valentine’s Day enthusiasts, usually spending the day together just cooking and hanging out to avoid the craziness of restaurants, I’m open to the commitment of wearing pink. Continue reading “Valentine’s Crush on Blush Swing Dress Sewing Tutorial”

DIY Fur Pillow Cases

DIY Fur Pillow Case by Bunny Baubles Blog

This post should not be coming as any surprise, seeing as I told you I was totally gung ho about redecorating my new sofa with none other than fur pillows. They are all over the place in the stores, and I think that they give a really nice contrast in texture to a modern space. I shopped around and found some beautiful ones at Target, Pottery Barn, and Overstock, but none of them had removable pillow cases! There’s no way that furry pillow is not going to need a wash every once in a while… Continue reading “DIY Fur Pillow Cases”

Gold Pleated Midi Skirt Sewing Tutorial

Gold Pleated Skirt Tutorial by Bunny Baubles Blog 3

If this skirt doesn’t say holidays and celebration to you, then I don’t know what does. It’s shiny, glimmering, and makes me feel like Belle from Beauty and the Beast (as noted by the twirling seen below). Continue reading “Gold Pleated Midi Skirt Sewing Tutorial”

Velvet Off the Shoulder Holiday Top Sewing Tutorial

Velvet Off the Shoulder Top Tutorial by Bunny Baubles Blog 6

While most of my focus lately has been on holiday eating – think hot chocolate, cookies, and comfort food – I have also been thinking about holiday clothing as well. Besides the obvious PJ and blanket scarf combo, there are a ton of parties that need a little bit more glitz. (Wait, I can’t show up in my leggings and a huge sweatshirt to this company party?) Christmas and New Years always lend well to sparkle and shine, but I was inspired by something a little different this year. Continue reading “Velvet Off the Shoulder Holiday Top Sewing Tutorial”