Lace Bubble Sleeve Top Sewing Tutorial

In the last year, statement sleeves have really made a comeback. Bell sleeves, flounce sleeves, cold shoulder, ruffles, puff sleeves, you name it. One of the most romantic looks, in my opinion, is the bubble sleeve. Continue reading “Lace Bubble Sleeve Top Sewing Tutorial”

DIY Fur Pillow Cases

DIY Fur Pillow Case by Bunny Baubles Blog

This post should not be coming as any surprise, seeing as I told you I was totally gung ho about redecorating my new sofa with none other than fur pillows. They are all over the place in the stores, and I think that they give a really nice contrast in texture to a modern space. I shopped around and found some beautiful ones at Target, Pottery Barn, and Overstock, but none of them had removable pillow cases! There’s no way that furry pillow is not going to need a wash every once in a while… Continue reading “DIY Fur Pillow Cases”

Transitional Floral Pencil Skirt Sewing Tutorial

Transitional Floral Pencil Skirt Tutorial by Bunny Baubles

I’m always looking for pieces to add to my closet that can transition over multiple seasons. The trick is finding colors and patterns that aren’t too specific to one season. Although most floral prints are only appropriate for the Spring time, I found a great one at Joann’s that included darker purples and greens that work really well with the earthy tones that the Fall is known for. Continue reading “Transitional Floral Pencil Skirt Sewing Tutorial”

Invisible Hem DIY Sewing Tutorial

Hand-sewn Hem DIY - Bunny Baubles 2

There are always those moments when I try on shorts, skirts, pants, or dresses and just wish the length was a little… Different. Continue reading “Invisible Hem DIY Sewing Tutorial”

Save the Sunnies: DIY Sunglasses Sleeve Sewing Tutorial

Bunny Baubles Sunnies Sleeve

During a fabulous day floating down the Guadalupe River with some great friends, I slipped my head back to relax and tragically lost my favorite sunnies to the water. Ok, they were only $15 sunglasses, but as I squinted all the way home from Austin, I HAD to detour before going home to pick up some new ones…and found the exact same pair I had purchased before at Urban at Target! Continue reading “Save the Sunnies: DIY Sunglasses Sleeve Sewing Tutorial”

Simple Alteration DIY: Button Up Shirt Sewing Tutorial

Alteration on Mens Simple Shirt Final

Button up shirts seem to be troublesome for many men in my life. Whether it’s that the shirt is too wide, the sleeves are too baggy, or the cost of one that fits in all locations is too outrageous to bother, it’s all annoying. American brands tend to build their shirts for huge Texan men, while those poor, thinner framed city boys have to hit the designer stores or more expensive European brands for a fitted button up. Even stores boasting their tall and slim options don’t seem to measure up. So what’s a guy to do? Continue reading “Simple Alteration DIY: Button Up Shirt Sewing Tutorial”

The Perfect DIY Tee-Shirt Dress Sewing Tutorial

DIY Tee-Shirt Dress from Bunny Baubles Casual style

I’m a huge fan of the tee-shirt dress. It’s casual yet incredibly cute at the same time, and can be accessorized like no other piece of clothing. It’s also just as comfy as wearing pajamas. It’s perfect for throwing on over a swim suit for a trip to the beach, or dressing up with heels for happy hour. You can even add some tights and style it into the cooler fall months! Continue reading “The Perfect DIY Tee-Shirt Dress Sewing Tutorial”

Dress Refashioning Tips and Ideas Sewing Tutorial

Refashioned Coral Dress - finished dress 11

There are always items in our closets that we don’t want to throw away because they are perfectly good pieces of clothing, but we’ve worn them many times or they could use some sort of updating. I’m a true believer in refashioning old clothes to make them new again! You can’t be afraid to change something you wouldn’t have worn anyways. Take a look at my dress refashioning tutorial for a few ideas on how you can make a few simple changes to really spice up an old look! Continue reading “Dress Refashioning Tips and Ideas Sewing Tutorial”