Fireside Apple Cider Recipe Update


At this time of year every year I rush over to Trader Joe’s to buy their apple cider. It’s cheap, comes in a reasonable sized container, and is the BEST apple cider. I love how much apple flavor it has, along with an amazing blend of spices. With my trusty apple cider in hand, I was ready to make a fireside apple cider cocktail!

In looking over my old photos, I couldn’t believe how sad they looked. This drink is too special to look so depressing, so I updated the photos for you! Get inspired by the new photos and try out my favorite Fall cocktail! Warm, spiced, and delightful – there is no way you won’t love this recipe! Check it out here.

This weekend I am moving forward from the election drama and getting excited about a few fun things. I am getting my first facial ever after being inspired by my visit to a friend who raved about them! I am also trying to reduce my sugar intake to help my skin… so we will see how that goes… Friday night I am celebrating two of my good friends’ birthdays which will be a blast, and later in the weekend Megan and I are planning to try a totally new arrangement in the apartment! Literally one of my favorite things to do is rearrange furniture… I know I’m weird but having architects as parents has it ingrained in me! What do y’all have planned?