How to Make Your Own Wine


Yes. I’m for serious. I made my own wine!



Remember when I made my own beer with Craft a Brew back in September? Well it turns out that they have wine kits now too! They make five bottles of wine, so it’s safe to say we’re having the Bachelor finale viewing party at my house! After following the simple instructions, (even easier than the beer) I had five bottles of wine four weeks later.


Since Craft a Brew actually works with vineyards in California, the juice that they source is really top notch. I picked a Cabernet Sauvingnon  since it’s one of my favorites, especially in the winter months, and it turned out better than I ever could have expected!  The first taste was a lighter flavor than many Cab’s from the store, but with time I’m excited to see how the flavor develops.

Making your own wine sounds kind of sketchy, like you think of someone stomping grapes in a bucket in their back yard or something, but this process is totally focused on sanitation and quality.


You start by mixing yeast and some other ingredients with your juice and allowing it to ferment for two weeks in a jug. Then you clarify it by removing the thick junk from the bottom of the jug and stirring it like crazy. Two weeks later, all you have to do is bottle it and enjoy. It couldn’t be simpler!



I can’t recommend this enough as the perfect gift, or it would be so much fun to try as a date or just with friends. I plan to invite a few pals over for a sampling soon and I’m pretty sure I won’t have to ask them twice!


If you want to try making your own wine, head over to Craft a Brew’s site to check out the many wine options! Each box is $60 with free shipping – that leaves you at $12 a bottle which is just about as cheap as good wine comes. Plus you get the bragging rights that you made it yourself!

Thank you to Craft a Brew for sponsoring this post. All opinions and experiences with wine making are my own. 

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