Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress Sewing Tutorial

off the shoulder maxi dress by bunny baubles blog

I remember the first time I wore a maxi dress. I walked into my college lunch room and was asked by a guy friend why I was wearing a gown. I busted out laughing thinking, I literally threw this on because I didn’t have to match any pieces of clothing together. But the more I thought about it, maxi dresses really set you up for success. They require zero thinking and make you look like you have your life together. You also appear ten feet tall, and are essentially wrapped in a blanket. Win win win win. Continue reading “Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress Sewing Tutorial”

Eyelet Peplum Tank Sewing Tutorial

Eyelet Peplum Tank Tutorial by Bunny Baubles Blog Title

In a magical land called the internet, I got lost in the world of online Spring shopping. Flowers, lace, and pastels entranced me, and I succumbed to Zappos and purchased these Guess shoes. Continue reading “Eyelet Peplum Tank Sewing Tutorial”