Eyelet Peplum Tank Sewing Tutorial

Eyelet Peplum Tank Tutorial by Bunny Baubles Blog Title

In a magical land called the internet, I got lost in the world of online Spring shopping. Flowers, lace, and pastels entranced me, and I succumbed to Zappos and purchased these Guess shoes.

Eyelet Peplum Tank Tutorial by Bunny Baubles Blog 2

Eyelet Peplum Tank Tutorial by Bunny Baubles Blog 3

Eyelet Peplum Tank Tutorial by Bunny Baubles Blog 4

Outfit Details: Lace Peplum (made by me! – similar | similar) || Jeans (similar) || Floral Pumps

Eyelet Peplum Tank Tutorial by Bunny Baubles Blog 5

Did I need the shoes? One (I) could argue that I did, in fact, need these shoes. I only own pumps in black and nude, so I needed something with a bit of color that could be worn in the Spring and Summer for nice dinners and garden parties! Have I been invited to a garden party? No… I’m working on it. So great, I did need these shoes.

Upon arrival, I quickly threw them on, Instagrammed them, and then walked around in my apartment in them for no good reason for the next week. Since they have hints of so many colors in them, these pumps go with tons of items in my closet. I really wanted something that would show them off though. I was inspired to create a sweet, feminine top that would go great with jeans and these shoes, and settled on this eyelet peplum design!

Sometimes I like to share a really simple tutorial with you guys to get you started on sewing. It can be intimidating to set up the sewing machine or make the first cut into fabric you just spent $30 on, so I like to give you the option of spending $5-10 and having some immediate success (AKA this incredibly simple maxi skirt or cheaper than cheap pencil skirt). But then again, who doesn’t love a challenge? You’re smart, I believe in you.

Eyelet Peplum Tank Tutorial by Bunny Baubles Blog 6

So this week is not for the faint of heart. The project isn’t the most difficult article of clothing I’ve ever made, but it is definitely more in depth and required a lot of seam ripping on my part before I got the pattern right. Lucky you, it’s been perfected now and hopefully you will get it right the first time!

I’ve quickly fallen in love with this top and am really excited to wear it all Spring and Summer as it gets hot in Houston since it is so light and comfortable. It will also be coming with me on my Spring break trip with my family to Arizona where I plan to spend my days at the pool and my nights cuddled up with my favorite people. Do you guys have SB 2016 plans? And more importantly, what are you packing? I need a new swimsuit, stat!

Eyelet Peplum Tank Tutorial by Bunny Baubles Blog 7

Scroll below to see the full tutorial.

Eyelet Peplum Tank Tutorial


1 yard Cotton Eyelet Fabric
1 yard Cotton/Polyester White Fabric
Sewing Machine
White Thread
White Button
White Embroidery Thread or Elastic
Measuring Tape

Eyelet Peplum Tank Tutorial by Bunny Baubles Blog

1. Fold your cotton eyelet fabric inwards to meet at the middle so the overall dimensions are 30″ across and 30″ long. Cut out your FRONT, BACK, and PEPLUM 1&2 pieces. Repeat on your cotton/polyester white fabric.

2. Sew darts into the FRONT piece about 3″ from the arm pits that are 1″ wide at the edge of the fabric and about 4-5″ long. Place the FRONT and BACK back to back and sew along the top at each shoulder for the eyelet and plain white fabric separately.

3. Then, flip the eyelet fabric FRONT and BACK so that the right side of the fabric is out and the sewn edges are inside. Lay this over the plain white fabric so all of the edges line up. Pin around the arm holes and neck, folding the eyelet fabric over the plain white fabric, and hem these edges. The FRONT and BACK of the lining and the outside eyelet fabric should now be connected as one shirt.

4. To sew the bodice together, flip the FRONT and BACK back to back and sew along the two sides of the bodice. Flip right side out.

5. To create the peplum, take each PEPLUM piece (four in total) and run it through the sewing machine with one straight stitch without tying off the ends (do not back stitch). By doing this, you can then hold one thread and pull on the other and scrunch the material to create a ruffle. Scrunch the material to about 20″ long on each piece.

6. Line up the scrunched sides of one of the eyelet PEPLUM pieces and one of the plain white PEPLUM pieces and sew along the scrunched seam to connect them. Repeat on the other PEPLUM pieces.

Eyelet Peplum Tank Tutorial by Bunny Baubles Blog 9

7. To connect the peplum to the bodice, place the PEPLUM 1 piece so that the srcunched side is lined up with the bottom edge of the FRONT and the plain white fabric is facing outwards. Sew along this seam and repeat with PEPLUM 2 and the BACK. To complete the peplum, sew along either end to connect PEPLUM 1 and 2 and then hem the eyelet fabric and plain white fabric making sure that the plain white fabric does not stick out past the eyelet fabric on the bottom.

8. Complete the shirt by adding a keyhole back so that it will fit over your head. Cut one straight line down the back of the shirt from the neck to about 7″. Fold the eyelet fabric back over the white plain fabric and hem to create a V cut. Then, sew a button on one side and cut a slit just large enough for the button to fit through on the other side.

Eyelet Peplum Tank Tutorial by Bunny Baubles Blog 8


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