It’s Sew Easy: How to Hem a Shirt (or anything) Sewing Tutorial

Drop Shoulder Long Sleeve Tee Tutorial by Bunny Baubles 3

For my sewing tutorials I try to spend time explaining in depth how to create each project, not leaving out any details. But sometimes I wonder, when I simply write, “Hem the bottom of the shirt”, are there people out there who have no idea what I’m talking about? How would someone hem a shirt? In that case, I’ve failed y’all! Continue reading “It’s Sew Easy: How to Hem a Shirt (or anything) Sewing Tutorial”

Invisible Hem DIY Sewing Tutorial

Hand-sewn Hem DIY - Bunny Baubles 2

There are always those moments when I try on shorts, skirts, pants, or dresses and just wish the length was a little… Different. Continue reading “Invisible Hem DIY Sewing Tutorial”