Valentine’s Crush on Blush Swing Dress Sewing Tutorial

Blush Swing Dress Tutorial by Bunny Baubles Blog

Blush, the newest color of the season, has me all kinds of excited. Flattering on all sorts of skin tones, it’s no wonder everyone has been sporting it in coats, accessories, and dresses. Pink is also the perfect color for a Valentine’s Day getup, and it’s only a week away!  Though Kyle and I aren’t huge Valentine’s Day enthusiasts, usually spending the day together just cooking and hanging out to avoid the craziness of restaurants, I’m open to the commitment of wearing pink.

Blush Swing Dress Tutorial by Bunny Baubles Blog 1

Blush Swing Dress Tutorial by Bunny Baubles Blog 2

Blush Swing Dress Tutorial by Bunny Baubles Blog 4

This v-neck swing dress silhouette is the ultimate dress to combine comfort and cuteness. For my night in, it’s the best for making chocolate covered strawberries and then devouring them while lounging on the sofa. Honestly, it’s like wearing PJs… And I might rock some slippers since I’ll be at home and that’s a thing I can do. Jealous of my plans?

OK, so you might be going out for a fancy dinner instead, but that doesn’t have to dissuade you from throwing on a pair of heels and some sparkly jewelry and rocking this dress! It might be comfy, but no one will have to know…

Blush Swing Dress Tutorial by Bunny Baubles Blog 3

Back to business. This dress pattern is my favorite to make. The drop shoulder makes the construction of this dress nearly impossible to mess up since you don’t have to get those perfectly even shoulders. You can also make the sleeves and length of the dress as long or as short as you’d like, making it quite a versatile pattern. I recommend taping some paper together to create this pattern, and then you can use it over and over again!

This dress will quickly become your favorite for all of Spring, so do yourself a favor and make one for your Valentine’s date, whether it be with your favorite stud or your best galentines!

Blush Swing Dress Tutorial by Bunny Baubles Blog 5

Scroll below to see the full tutorial.

Blush Drop Shoulder Swing Dress Tutorial


1 yard Blush Jersey Fabric
Thread to match
Sewing machine
Measuring tape

Blush Swing Dress Tutorial by Bunny Baubles

1. Fold your fabric in from the sides to meet in the middle. Create 2 BODY pieces and 2 ARM pieces by using a pencil and your measuring tape to mark out your pattern with the dimensions shown above. (I made patterns and pinned them to the fabric using paper and tape before starting the project so I could use them again.) Also mark out the NECK piece as shown – you will only need one of these so it can be done once the fabric is unfolded if you would like. Cut the pieces out using your fabric scissors.

2. Lay out your 2 BODY pieces so their shoulders touch and pin them together. Using your thread and sewing machine, sew along both shoulders.

3. Open up the BODY pieces so they are wrong side up. Line up the wider side of the 2 ARM pieces to the shoulders along both sides of the new 1 BODY piece and pin them together. The ARM pieces should taper from wide to narrow toward where the wrist of the dress will be. Sew along these two seams.

4. Pick up the dress by the shoulders and lay it out so that the wrong side is facing out, the BODY pieces match up, and the ARM pieces are folded in half. Pin along the underside of the arms to the armpits and down the sides of the body of the dress. Sew long seams along both of the pinned sections.

5. Flip the dress right side out. To create the v-neck, cut a V on the front BODY piece only the same size as the small V on your NECK piece. Then, take your NECK piece and pin it along the edge of the v-neck. Sew along the pins about 1/4″ from the edge of the fabric. Flip the fabric to the inside of the dress and sew again 1/4″ from the edge of the fabric, continuing the seam along the back side of the neck of the dress as well, folding that edge over about 1/2″.

6. Hem the arms and the length of the dress to your desired lengths.


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