Salami + White Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

Salami and White Cheddar Egg Sandwich by Bunny Baubles Blog 1

Over Labor Day, my mom offered to make me a breakfast sandwich that my brother Brian had introduced to her and the rest of my family. I didn’t know how it would be much different from any other breakfast sandwich, but I said yes nonetheless. Continue reading “Salami + White Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich Recipe”

The Mongoose v. Cobra PB + B Recipe

Mongoose vs Cobra PB+B photo

One of my favorite bars in Houston is  Mongoose vs. Cobra. The small warehouse-esque building shows off it’s original exposed brick walls, complemented by warm wooden tables for resting a hand crafted cocktail on. They have amazing drinks, my favorite being Gold Rush #2 (not sure what happened to #1), and quite the spread of food being served until 1 AM! The food, oh the food… They are famous for their giant (face sized) pretzel which comes with house mustard and pickled everything. But what my friends and I have newly discovered is the PB + B. This was my first experience with the beautiful concoction: pure joy. Continue reading “The Mongoose v. Cobra PB + B Recipe”