Fri-DIY: Drinking Liquid Gold

Though I’m not one to say that tea is not equivalent to gold, because I think it is, I’m not talking about tea in this instance. This post is about these simply chic gold mugs you could use for your godly tea that I found on Garland of Grace. Ever since I saw these beauties pop up on my Pinterest feed I’ve been wanting to ditch all of my assorted mugs and swap them out for some shiny new white ones so I could complete this DIY. Since that’s seriously ridiculous, I have not, but that doesn’t make me love this project any less.

Perfect for a gift or just as a pretty addition to breakfast time in your house, these gold painted mugs are stylish and beautiful. Make note that they are not dishwasher safe, so either come up with some ingenious idea to make them safe (and tell me!) or hand wash to keep them shiny and gilded!

P.S. I promise I have other ideas to share that aren’t just for transforming your mugs… but these last two Fri-DIY projects have been pretty gorgeous, don’t you think?

Thanks again to Garland of Grace for sharing this lovely DIY and so many others like it!

Photo Credit: Jake + Heather -
Photo Credit: Jake + Heather –

Fri-DIY: Watercolor Mugs

Happy Friday bunnies! Is there anything that says the weekend more than a good cup of coffee in bed with the sun shining through your bedroom windows? Maybe cocktails… but that’s a little later in the day…

Whichever you prefer, this mug will always be the cup you grab for! I saw this DIY about a year ago on Poppytalk and could not believe how beautiful the watercolor pattern was. The swirled colors look like a photograph, and the process to create them is surprisingly simple. With some plain white mugs and your favorite nail polish, you will be serving the best brew in no time.

Check out the full tutorial for watercolor mugs on Poppytalk and get lost in their lovely site. This particular post was written by Caitlin McGrath from The Merrythought… two great blogs in one post, what a Fri-DIY!


Trendy Home Decor: DIY Geometric Gold Painted Tray

DIY Geometric Gold Painted Tray 8

Happy New Years, bunnies! I’m not big on New Years resolutions per say, but I am big on New Years cleaning and purging of junk. I love getting rid of things because it makes room for new, beautiful projects! Continue reading “Trendy Home Decor: DIY Geometric Gold Painted Tray”

Modern Gilded Mirror DIY

Modern Gilded Mirror DIY Cover

Megan and I moved last week! Although moving is tremendously painful for us to have just relocated upstairs in our building, we gained an incredible view of downtown Houston and lowered our rent. We’re quite please with our new place. Moving is also a great thing to do, in my opinion, because you really clear out the stuff you don’t really need. I was able to finally raid my closet of old clothes from high school and things that never got unpacked from my first move. It also inspired a redecoration movement… a cheap DIY one at that! Continue reading “Modern Gilded Mirror DIY”

Lamp Revamp

Lamp Revamp - Lamp with ombre green dots

By popular demand I was asked to write a post on home decor this week! It just so happens that I’d been meaning to do something about the sad lampshade I had on my desk. Over years of moving it into and out of storage during college, some odd stains and dents had really distressed the shade, and not in that cute way people are always looking for. I could have just bought a new one, but I really wanted to find a way to reuse the one I already had. Continue reading “Lamp Revamp”