How to Make a DIY Canvas Picture Frame for under $10

DIY Canvas Picture Frame by Bunny Baubles Blog

Happy Spring everyone! I love this season, mostly for the incredible weather, but also because I love cleaning. I love to purge and redecorate, so there’s always a project going on at my house at this time of year. Continue reading “How to Make a DIY Canvas Picture Frame for under $10”

Home Decor Inspiration for 2016

A new year, a new set of decor! Well, sort of. I don’t have the funds to totally redo my entire apartment, so I am going to focus on small accent changes that will really give my place a new look.  I did this a little last year too at the start of the year, and coming home to my apartment after two weeks in Chicago inspired me to brighten up the place again. Check out my list below, and get excited for some DIY’s!

#1. My new couch is coming TODAY! I will not recommend this store, since I had the worst time getting this couch on time (AKA it was quite late…and still isn’t technically here…), but I am really in love with the mid century modern style and quality… I suggest ordering online as the people there are much more helpful than in store.

Photo Credit: Joybird
Photo Credit: Joybird

#2. With a new couch comes loads more pillows. Though I love color, I have found that most everything I have purchased over the years has been in color, and it’s getting a little overwhelming. I am going to work on adding more black and white to the couch, and definitely some fur for texture!

Photo Credit: New Zealand Design Blog
Photo Credit: New Zealand Design Blog
Photo Credit: Brit and Co
Photo Credit: Brit and Co
Photo Credit: Pretty Designs
Photo Credit: Pretty Designs

#3. Is it wrong if I want paint all of my picture frames gold? And pretty much every other object I see? Seeing as gold is incredibly trendy and paint is cheap, I see a lot of gold DIY’s coming in the future. Also, I made this DIY art almost two years ago, but I think it’s time to add something new into the mix. I’m looking at creating some sort of art wall, potentially a stag head or some sort of gold leaf quote.

Photo Credit: Hub Pages
Photo Credit: Hub Pages
Photo Credit: Little Red Window
Photo Credit: Little Red Window
Photo Credit: The DIY Playbook
Photo Credit: The DIY Playbook

#4. I am going to commit to some succulents. I’ve wanted to buy them for so long but have been afraid I will kill them… but even if I do, they are only $3 and then hopefully I will learn how to keep them alive in the future? Hope and dreams of a non-gardener.

Photo Credit: The Blondie Locks
Photo Credit: The Blondie Locks
Photo Credit: Waiting On Martha
Photo Credit: Waiting On Martha

What do you all think? Any suggestions on how to organize, decorate, and overall improve my living space?

Fri-DIY: A Marble-ous Obsession

Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess Blog (
Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess Blog (

I can’t get over it. It’s taken over my life – from kitchens to, now, necklaces! No matter how much carrera marble you throw at me, I find that I will love it even more than I had before.

Elegant, bright, and beautifully natural, this stone has taken over the design markets. But not without a cost. So when I spotted this marble necklace tutorial from A Beautiful Mess I was thrilled to find it was made from cheap clay! Buy some clay, swirl it together, and throw it on a chain; you’ll look like a million bucks. My kind of Fri-DIY. Have a great weekend sporting this chic accessory!

10 Quick and Thoughtful DIY Gifts for Everyone on Your List

10 DIY Gifts for Everyone On Your List

Around the holidays there’s always that one person who really stumps you when it comes to gifts. They either have it all, or their Santa list consists of designer watches and imported French wines. Who has money for that craziness? Why not get a little crafty and make them something they can’t buy? Priceless!!

That’s why I’ve taken the liberty of composing a list of DIY gifts for everyone on your list. They’ll be impressed with your thoughtful nature, and you’ll be thrilled you still have money to buy that New Years Eve dress!


1. The Nature Lover – Bird Seed Cakes from House of Hawthornes

These little cakes make the perfect bird feeder that can be hung anywhere outside a window so your outdoorsy loving friend can watch the birds all Winter long from the comforts of their own home.

DIY Birdseed Cakes

2. The Entertainer – Gold Confetti Glasses from A Thoughtful Place

I would absolutely love these adorable little cups. You could even apply this technique to wine glasses or champagne flutes. Show up with these and a bottle of bubbly and you’re a regular party instigator.

Gold Confetti Glasses

3. The Book Worm – Book Ends from Love Grows Wild

They might have every book in the library, but they don’t have these custom book ends you can make in a flash. Way to be stylish and thoughtful all in one swoop!

Elephant Book Ends

4. The Pampered Princess – Bath Bombs from Bright Nest

These things are so fancy looking but so simple to make. Who doesn’t love a good, long bath? Throw in a couple candles and call it a “Me Night Kit”!

Bath Bombs

5. The Hip Decorator – Teacup Planter from Curbly

This could also be done in a coffee cup depending on the person. Succulents are so in right now and plants give any space some added character.

Teacup Planter

6. The Dog Parent – Homemade Dog Treats from Gourmet Sleuth

This site has TONS of options that Fido will be sure to love. Make some sugar cookies in dog bone shapes for the doggy parent so they can snack together!

Homemade Dog Treats

7. The Fashionista – Jewelry Blocks from Style by Emily Henderson

These things are so sleek and cool, yet also functional for any jewelry bauble collector.

Wood Jewelry Blocks

8. The Music Festival Junkie – Hippie Headbands from Bunny Baubles (oh that’s me!)

These headbands are so simple and cheap to make! Definitely one of my favorite DIY gifts.

Bunny Baubles DIY Headbands

9. The Beer Guy – Six Pack Coasters from Attic Lace

A guys guy loves beer. Maybe you can also teach him how to love his furniture by giving him these custom coasters.

Six Pack Coasters

10. The Beach Bum – Glasses Case from Bunny Baubles (me again)

Most beach go-ers protect their eyes from the sun with sunglasses, but do they protect their sunglasses from harm? Help a brother out with a protective sleeve!

Bunny Baubles DIY Sunnies Sleeve 4

BONUS: The DIY Lover – Craft Starter Kits from Darby Smart

This last one isn’t a DIY, but would make the perfect gift for someone who likes to craft from another friend who doesn’t! From glass etching to candle making, this won’t break the bank with kits starting from $15.


Alice in Wonderland Rabbit DIY Costume


This Halloween, I knew I needed to get a head start. Last year it crept up on me and my costume was thrown together in a fury. The minion look turned out pretty adorably, yet it wasn’t super original, and it was more stressful of an experience than I’d hoped for. Continue reading “Alice in Wonderland Rabbit DIY Costume”

Modern Gilded Mirror DIY

Modern Gilded Mirror DIY Cover

Megan and I moved last week! Although moving is tremendously painful for us to have just relocated upstairs in our building, we gained an incredible view of downtown Houston and lowered our rent. We’re quite please with our new place. Moving is also a great thing to do, in my opinion, because you really clear out the stuff you don’t really need. I was able to finally raid my closet of old clothes from high school and things that never got unpacked from my first move. It also inspired a redecoration movement… a cheap DIY one at that! Continue reading “Modern Gilded Mirror DIY”

Paper Flowers – Inexpensive and Expressive!

Aviary Photo_130333737505615517

When we moved into our new apartment, Megan and I had little to no décor to accent the place. Having not started work, the budget was low and the urge for crafting was high… or at least for me it was. What better than an afternoon of crafting and tea? We set to work making these adorable flowers that pop off the wall and really bring some fun to a boring white space. Costing approximately 50 cents a pop, they were definitely on par with the budget decorations. Continue reading “Paper Flowers – Inexpensive and Expressive!”