Kitchen Pun Fun

DIY Kitchen Pun Art Title

I love a good pun, especially in the kitchen! I was stumbling around Pinterest on a rainy afternoon and found these adorable printouts! They were posted on another blog called Over the Big Moon.

Be Grateful 8x10 fullRoll with it 8x10 full

Now I loved the idea of these punny prints, but I wasn’t so keen on buying the frames to go with them. Buying a nice frame is fine for a great piece of art, but it seems silly for a plain sheet of paper. I also knew it would look ridiculous if I just printed them out and stuck them up on the wall…

What’s a budget conscious crafter to do!? Here was my solution:


Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes
Painter’s Tape (optional)

1. Gather your supplies!

Aviary Photo_130350158035565593

2. Lay out your canvases and pick a pun to try. I started with “Roll with it” with a picture of a rolling pin…get’s me every time! Use a pencil and a ruler to lightly draw out the block letters at even intervals and heights. Measuring the letters ensures that they look even and clean. Make sure you also leave some room for the rolling pin picture. That, you have to free hand, but because it’s supposed to be a simple image it doesn’t need a lot of artistic skill!

DIY Kitchen Pun Art - Measuring Letters

3. Pick one paint color and start by using a large brush to paint all of the open spaces around the letters and image. The detailed areas can then be filled in with the smaller brush. Don’t worry if the paint seems translucent. Using multiple smooth layers of paint will make the art much cleaner looking, so focus on using an even coat. You can go back later with more paint to fill in opaque areas.

A trick for anyone worried about painting free hand on this project is to use painter’s tape! It lets you craft more haphazardly and then pull the tape away for a perfect straight line! Line the straight edges of the letters and image with the tape in order to avoid painting inside them. Once the paint has dried, the tape can be peeled away and none of your stray strokes will show!

DIY Kitchen Pun Art - Taping letters

4. Let the first coat of paint dry and go over it once more with another layer of paint if necessary. Make sure to paint the sides of the canvas too!

5. Once dry, you can peel the tape off and hang these art pieces up on your wall! I made a few different kitchen signs and hung them in a group, but they are just as cute by themselves. Happy crafting!

DIY Kitchen Pun Art

DIY Kitchen Pun Art - In the kitchen


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