DIY Ombre Painted Cake

In this week’s episode of what DIY can Julia stretch out over an entire week, we have this DIY ombré painted cake. If you follow me on Instagram stories, you know that I started this cake on a Monday and did not complete it until Friday. Every step was videoed and explained, and I think I drove all of my followers crazy waiting for the cake to be finally finished. Don’t give up on me yet – this DIY isn’t really that hard!!! Continue reading “DIY Ombre Painted Cake”

Ombré Ruffle Cake Decorating Tutorial

Blue Ombre Ruffle Cake Tutorial on Bunny Baubles Blog

It was Megan’s birthday in early May, so obviously we started cake brainstorming in April. She doesn’t love really girly things, so pink flowers were pretty much out of the question. What we settled on, instead, were ruffles, ombré ones to be exact! Making ombré frosting is super simple because you only need one color for food coloring and a simple batch of plain frosting. The ruffle pattern is also a good starter decorating pattern because it’s pretty forgiving, it’s just a lot of squiggles all layered on top of one another so if you need to stop for a tea break you can’t really tell where you stopped. Continue reading “Ombré Ruffle Cake Decorating Tutorial”

Lamp Revamp

Lamp Revamp - Lamp with ombre green dots

By popular demand I was asked to write a post on home decor this week! It just so happens that I’d been meaning to do something about the sad lampshade I had on my desk. Over years of moving it into and out of storage during college, some odd stains and dents had really distressed the shade, and not in that cute way people are always looking for. I could have just bought a new one, but I really wanted to find a way to reuse the one I already had. Continue reading “Lamp Revamp”