Bunny Decorations Roundup

Bunny Decorations Roudup by Bunny Baubles

Bunny Terrarium | Rabbit Print | Bunny Lamp | Bunny Pillow Cases | Bunny Paper Clip Holder | Rabbit Picture Frame | Rabbit Coat Hook | Bunny Door Stop | Rabbit Tea Towel

Though it’s not Easter, I’ve still been noticing a trend in home decor for bunny decorations. Just one little item can add a lot of character to a simple room, like the fun bunny lamp with the rabbit ears popping out of the top. Unexpected and really adorable. I wanted to do a roundup of all of the items I had stumbled upon – partially for you to discover, and partially because I needed a place to keep them for my future purchasing abilities…

Obviously, I’ve been rocking this trend for a while now with a full blown rabbit art piece above my bed. My art teacher in college asked us to make an image out of sticks that could be our “life logo”, and then we were instructed to draw that stick logo in pencil. I chose to show myself as a tall bunny with all of my shorter bunny friends so only their ears would be showing, as if a photo had been taken and everyone else had been accidentally cut off. All of my senior year roommates in college were at least four inches shorter than me, I kid you not. My teacher thought it was so hilarious and asked if he could put it in the end of the year art show. It was really just an honest representation of my life, but I obviously allowed it, and realized that the last time that had happened was in kindergarten. I guess life really does run full circle? It turned out to be a cooler project than I initially judged it to be, and now it hangs proudly above my bed. It makes me happy, and I’ve decided that’s the only reason to have art at all.

Hope you are all having spectacular weeks! I just flew into Chicago this morning and can’t wait to cuddle up with my parent’s dog, Cedric, before running off to the city for a whirlwind trip with my friends. When I get back I’m itching for some redecoration though. Contemplating a makeover on my DIY Ikea bar, any suggestions?

5 Cutest Bunnies to Follow on Instagram

5 Cutest Bunnies on Instagram

There’s a hilarious trend that has exploded on the internet these days. If you have an adorable animal living with you who eats, sleeps, and gets into trouble, you better put that cutie up on Instagram! People have full accounts devoted to their pets… and I’ve decided I’m on board with it.

If I had a bunny, y’all would know it. It would be all over my Instagram, hopping its way into your hearts. Sniffing flowers, chomping on carrots, and cuddling up on the couch. Since I don’t, I resorted to adopting some sweet little guys that you MUST check out. It’s the perfect fix for a girl who wishes she had a furry friend, without all of the responsibility.

These five accounts are all pretty different, so hopefully you can find one to adopt!

1. @BunnyMama

These three lops are the sweetest little guys. I love seeing them cuddle up and play with each other. But don’t worry… they have their mischievous sides as well…

5 Cutest Bunnies on Instagram by Bunny Baubles 3

2. @CooperThePooper

It’s ok, I giggled at the name too. I have a thing for Netherland Dwarfs and Cooper reminds me so much of my old little bunny, Buttercup! There are pictures going up all day, so you can always check in on his whereabouts.

5 Cutest Bunnies on Instagram by Bunny Baubles 2

3. @BunnyPigi

Talk about a puff of fluff. This guy is so furry you can barely see his eyes!

5 Cutest Bunnies on Instagram by Bunny Baubles 5

4. @Wally_and_Molly

This rabbit almost resembles a poodle, and can hop like I’ve never seen a bunny hop! If you’re looking for a pet with some serious parkour skills, this is your guy.

5 Cutest Bunnies on Instagram by Bunny Baubles 4

5. @PandoraMBunny

Like I said, I have a thing for Netherland Dwarfs. This gal is a real sweetie who fills the classic bunny void in your life.

5 Cutest Bunnies on Instagram by Bunny Baubles 1

Sunny Bunnies

You may already know this… but I’m in Hawaii this week! It’s really a dream come true. All throughout my childhood I adorned my room with seashells, fake palms, and beach images hoping  to dream of the ocean. Maybe it was living in Chicago where my bum was frozen for 8 months out of the year. Maybe it was the lack of proximity to the tropics. Maybe it was the pure happiness I felt when sunshine hit my face. I loved the idea of island life.

And now I am here! One blissful week of paradise with my favorite guy and his wonderful and generous family… I am one lucky gal!

Though I feel bad going on and on about it to those stuck in the cold and at work, I am going to cheer you up with some bunny loving! Sunny bunny loving to be exact! Summer will be here in no time. Just throw on some sunglasses, sit in a sunny window, and dive into these happy bunny scenes. Love from Hawaii! I promise to share my adventures with you somehow!

Credit: http://passionlapinbeliernain.net
Credit: http://passionlapinbeliernain.net
Credit: http://theenchantedwind.tumblr.com/
Credit: http://theenchantedwind.tumblr.com/
Credit: http://moonshineandwool.tumblr.com/
Credit: http://moonshineandwool.tumblr.com/
Credit: picsaweb.google.com
Credit: picsaweb.google.com
Credit: http://n-a-t-u-r-a-l-e-z-a.tumblr.com/
Credit: http://n-a-t-u-r-a-l-e-z-a.tumblr.com/
Credit: http://www.pets4homes.co.uk/
Credit: http://www.pets4homes.co.uk/
Credit: http://ruthcoffee.hubpages.com/
Credit: http://ruthcoffee.hubpages.com/

Bunnies are Coming! – A Shopping Guide

Ok, so the Easter Bunny is not bringing me a real rabbit I am sad to say. What Easter has brought, however, is a ton of adorable, bunny-adorned house items in all of my favorite stores! I keep getting emails about the adorable plates, door mats, and rabbit figurines coming to stores soon, so I figured I would share my current obsessions with you.

If you’re bunny centered like I am, the best time to shop for these items is the week after Easter. All of the home decorations plastered with rabbits tend to go on super sale right around then…though I’m keen to use them all year long! Wait if you can, otherwise check these adorable chachkies out!

These beautiful dishes at William Sonoma are a fantastic addition to any Easter table. Can’t you see yourself sipping tea from that mug with the bunny peaking right out at you each morning!?

Photo credit: William Sonoma
Photo credit: William Sonoma

A welcome home from this cute little doormat from World Market would certainly put a smile on my face. And at $12.99, who could resist?

Photo credit: Cost Plus World Market
Photo credit: Cost Plus World Market

I’m certain you could think of something to serve off of this rabbit serving dish from Crate and Barrel… some raspberry topped lemon lime squares possibly?

Photo credit: Crate and Barrel
Photo credit: Crate and Barrel

You have an excuse to get frosting all over your face now that these fun bunny napkins have arrived at Crate and Barrel. Wipe and wash and marvel at the adorable print!

Photo credit: Crate and Barrel
Photo credit: Crate and Barrel

Sparkles and bunnies together. Need I say more? Find them at Pottery Barn.

Photo credit: Pottery Barn
Photo credit: Pottery Barn

Listen, I know my bunny obsession is a little out of hand… but hear me out, these napkin rings from Pier 1 Imports have ears on them. Sounds perfect to me! (sorry about the magnitude of ear puns)

Photo credit: Pier 1 Imports
Photo credit: Pier 1 Imports

10 Snow Bunnies to Get you to Christmas


If only I was getting a bunny…alas, here are 10 bunnies that will hop their way into your hearts this winter and hopefully help get you through the last work week before the holiday. I can’t wait to be home in snowy Chicago!

P.S. If anyone spots any Christmas bunnies out there, snap a pic and send ’em to me!

P.P.S. If you make a snow bunny out of actual snow, that would be fantastic, please send me a photo.

 Bunny in a santa hat

Photo Credit: NewsBiscuit.com

Lop Bunny with snow

Photo Credit: Alpenstrasse

Bunny in the snow and plants

Photo Credit: Clearing the Way

Bunny with a puff beanie

Photo Credit: Babble.com

Bunny in a snowstorm

Photo Credit: Hoodoo That Voodoo

Bunny in a Mug

Photo Credit: Adpost.com

Bunny with a santa hat

Photo Credit: TheBerry.com

Bunny with deer

Photo Credit: Comfort Spring Station

White snow bunny

Photo Credit: Animals Ekstrax


Photo Credit: Rise and Shine Rabbitry

Alice in Wonderland Rabbit DIY Costume


This Halloween, I knew I needed to get a head start. Last year it crept up on me and my costume was thrown together in a fury. The minion look turned out pretty adorably, yet it wasn’t super original, and it was more stressful of an experience than I’d hoped for. Continue reading “Alice in Wonderland Rabbit DIY Costume”

A Bit of Bunny Blasphemy

Ashamed bunny

Y’all, why has no one reprimanded me!? There has only been exactly 1 bunny post this year, and the name of this blog is Bunny Baubles… So many baubles and so few bunnies. I’ve been seriously slacking on giving you the greatest happiness fluffy bundles of joy can bring! Continue reading “A Bit of Bunny Blasphemy”

Happy New Years!

2014 small

For those of you who are still recovering from last night’s festivities or possibly fretting about New Year’s Resolutions (we all need more time at the gym, but another day won’t kill us, right?), I want to share my resolution to find happiness in the smallest of places. Life brings sweet joys to us every day and we just need to take the time to enjoy them! Let’s all just put a little smile on, shall we?

Happy New Years to you all! Love from me and the bunnies. xoxox

new years 1

new years 3

new years 4

new years 2