80’s Patterned Birthday Cake Decorating Tutorial and Recipe

80's Pattern Cake by Bunny Baubles Blog 8

When Megan decided she wanted to have an 80’s themed birthday party with black lights and neon everything I was obviously on board. Horror struck, however, when I searched for 80’s themed and neon decorated cakes.

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Paper Flowers – Inexpensive and Expressive!

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When we moved into our new apartment, Megan and I had little to no décor to accent the place. Having not started work, the budget was low and the urge for crafting was high… or at least for me it was. What better than an afternoon of crafting and tea? We set to work making these adorable flowers that pop off the wall and really bring some fun to a boring white space. Costing approximately 50 cents a pop, they were definitely on par with the budget decorations. Continue reading “Paper Flowers – Inexpensive and Expressive!”