Copycat MISA Ombre Tassel Earring DIY

You know when you see something in the stores and you’re like, how in the world can they charge that price for that item? Sometimes it’s really high quality materials. OK. Sometimes it’s handmade and part of the proceeds go to help children go to school in a war torn country. OK. This time, I’m not buying it.

I’ve started seeing these MISA tassel earrings all over the place on Instagram and on fashion blogs that I follow.

Left: Being Bridget || Right: Lonestar Southern

They are really cute and definitely make a great statement for the summer, but how in the world are they charging $96 for a pair of earrings made out of yarn? I CAN MAKE THESE! YOU CAN MAKE THESE!

My version does not include 18k gold plated hooks, but the tassels look just the same, and they cost about $5 to make! Make the ombre version or the plain solid colored ones and you are sure to turn heads. Plus you can make them in any color you want!

Copycat Ombre MISA Tassel Earrings


8 Bundles of Embroidery Floss in 4 varying shades of whatever color you want
Earring Hooks
Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun


1 hour



1. Start by unwinding one bundle of embroidery floss and cut two 5″ pieces off of it. Start wrapping the long piece around three of your fingers. Once you have wrapped it all the way around, slip one of the 5″ pieces between the string and your fingers and tie it in a double knot around the strands.

2. Cut the strands at the bottom to detach them from your fingers and then take your remaining 5″ piece of string and tie it around the bundle toward the top to make it into a tassel. Tie off the ends together and tuck them into the tassel.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to make 8 tassels total.

4. To connect each of the tassels together, open up the tassel part of the darkest tassel. Then, place a dab of hot glue in the center and glue the top of the second darkest tassel to this one. This will connect two together and hide the top of the second darkest tassel inside of the darkest tassel. Repeat on all of the tassels so that you have two “chains” of 4 moving from dark to light. (If you choose to use all of one color, it obviously does not matter the order.)

5. Complete the earrings by tying the top tassel strings to the earring hooks. Trim the extra string and you’re done!

Outfit Details: Cropped White Sweater (sold in stores only, similar cropped sweater) – Forever 21 | Floral Skirt – Made by Me | Gold Watch – Kate Spade New York | Earrings – Made by Me


7 thoughts on “Copycat MISA Ombre Tassel Earring DIY

  1. I have NEVER wanted dangles as badly as I want these. Now I can afford them, ha! Thanks for such an easy DIY, Julia! Totally making these for summer.

    Liked by 1 person

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