DIY Rose Quartz and Gold Bracelets


When it comes to jewelry, I can be pretty picky. I’m not into huge statement pieces or the teeny tiny delicate ones. I like a little color and a little bit of sparkle, and it has to be comfortable to wear (you will never find me wearing stacked rings). Oh, and I’m working with that beer budget, y’all. In order to get something I loved at a great price, I went out and made my own!


To embrace Pantone’s color of the year, I found some beautiful rose quartz stone beads at Joann’s. I also grabbed some darker pink stone beads and little gold and bronze bead spacers for the perfect Fall color pairing.




This DIY is so easy, and with coupons, I was able to make all of these bracelets for around $12 with beads and string leftover! The pinks go well with everything from white to dark green, making them perfect for Fall. I also loved how they complimented my lovely new JORD wooden watch. Like my watch too? You can actually enter to win a $75 coupon on their site! Just click the link and enter on their site. Every entry at least wins $20 off!


What jewelry are y’all loving this Fall? I have still yet to jump on the choker bandwagon (comfort… remember?), but I could be persuaded…

See below for the full DIY rose quartz and gold bracelets tutorial.

DIY Rose Quartz and Gold Bracelets


Rose Quartz Stone Beads
Rose Dyed Quartize Beads
Metal Cube Brass Beads
4 mm Glass Round Bronze Beads
0.5 mm Stretch Cord


1 hour



Cut a piece of cord about three times the size of your wrist. Tie a double knot at the end of the cord, leaving about 4″ of extra cord on the end. String beads along the cord in the pattern that you would like. I used the following 5 patterns to create my bracelets:

  • 1 rose quartz bead, 2 round bronze beads, 1 rose quartz bead…
  • 1 rose dyed quartize bead, 1 metal cube brass bead, 1 rose dyed quartize bead…
  • 1 rose dyed quartz bead, 1 round bronze bead, 1 rose dyed quartize bead, 1 round bronze bead, 1 rose dyed quartz bead…
  • all metal cube brass beads
  • all round bronze beads

Once you have stung enough beads on to the cord to reach around your wrist, tie off the end with a double knot. Then, to keep the stretch cord from coming undone, tie a square knot and pull it tight.


This post was sponsored by JORD Watches. All opinions and DIY ideas are my own.

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