DIY Roll-up Makeup Brush Case

I’ve always been an organized person. I haven’t always been a person who owns a lot of makeup, however. Recently I’ve been adding more and more brushes to my collection (thanks YouTube beauty bloggers), and my makeup bag started getting out of control.

Because Kyle and I now share a bathroom, I’m trying to not keep so much out on the countertops, and so my makeup brush collection has accumulated at the bottom of a travel bag. I have to take everything out to find the one little thing I need at the bottom, and it ends up making more of a mess in the long run.

In light of the “Marie Kondo-ing” that’s been spreading ever since the airing of her Netflix special, I thought I should share my little beauty organizational hack with you guys if you’re having the same issue! Sewing and organizing, my two true loves. Let’s dive right in.

This brush case is really simple. I’ve taken 2 layers of waterproof canvas with a thin layer of batting in between. I then sewed a half sized piece on top and sewed down the front of it to create little slots for the brushes. For a lazy trim, I just purchased double folded bias tape and added it along all of the edges, even creating a tie for the case at the edge. When you want to take your brushes with you, just roll up the case and tie it closed. If it gets dirty, just rinse it off!

To get the sewing instructions check out my post on Fabric Wholesale Direct!


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