DIY Choker Necklace


Have you been holding out on chokers like I have? My obsession with the 90’s started with the music and ended at the TV shows. I never thought I would find myself donning flannel and chokers again… until 2016 hit. Fashion trends are so cyclical, and though it sometimes takes me a little while to think, “OK, it does look cool again.”, I usually embrace them in the end.



Something I wasn’t embracing were the prices on most chokers. They are essentially just a piece of ribbon tied around your neck, so why should they cost $20? With the holidays coming up, I decided to give in and buy the supplies to make some DIY chokers, which turned out to be very easy to make! I chose black velvet and metallic lace for a couple of versatile yet glam pieces of jewelry.



My chokers use a piece of ribbon, two ribbon clamps, some jump rings, a chain, and a spring clasp. You can make tons of chokers for yourself or your friends with these supplies since the packages come with much more than you need for one necklace. If you aren’t making them DIY flannel blanket scarves, then these are the next easiest fashionable DIY Christmas gifts for your favorite ladies!


DIY Choker Necklace


9-12″ Ribbon
2 Ribbon Clasps
2 Jump Rings
5″ Fine Cable Chain
1 Spring Clasp
Needle Nose Pliers


15 minutes



1. Cut a piece ribbon that goes almost all the way around your neck (somewhere between 9-12″ usually). Take one of your ribbon clamps and place one end of the ribbon into it. Use your needle nose pliers and press the ribbon clasp closed. Repeat on the other side of the ribbon with the other ribbon clasp.



2. Take your jump rings and slightly open both of them at the split using your needle nose pliers. Attach one of them to one ribbon clasp and the other to the other ribbon clasp. Attach the 5″ chain to one of the jump rings and close it with the pliers. Attach the spring clasp to the other jump ring and close the ring with the pliers.


3. Wear your choker by attaching the spring clasp to one of the chains on the 5″ chain. You can adjust the length of the choker around your neck to your desired tightness.


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