DIY Linen Duvet and Shams

Long time no blog! I’m not sure why, but it has been a while since I’ve blogged any projects, even though I have been creating and sharing over on my Instagram. As Covid-19 cases started to reduce in the start of the year and more of our friends and family are vaccinated, we are getting more visitors, and we decided we really needed to step up our guest room game!

The most important thing, we thought, was to upgrade our bedding. We started by adding some of our favorite pillows. This is not sponsored, but we just LOVE these pillows! They are made with shredded memory foam so they are not as hot as traditional memory foam pillows, but still give you that support. They are also adjustable and come with extra foam, so you can get the pillows just the way you like them. Everyone who has come to visit has really loved them, (I think we have convinced at least a handful of guests to buy them too!) so I thought I should share.

The next step was adding a linen duvet and shams. Linen has become so trendy as it is breathable, beautiful, and has a laid back vibe that just makes you want to dive in to bed. Though Fabric Wholesale Direct has a ton of colors available, I decided that white was fresh and inviting. Due to the restraints of the fabric size, the duvet pattern is made from multiple strips of linen across the topside. Though you can make the top side in just a few pieces of fabric, adding multiple stripes makes it look more intentional. The bottom side is made with cotton sheeting. This has a similar feel and look to linen, but is much cheaper, and allows you to save some money on the side of the duvet that no one sees!

For the pillow shams, this pattern is for a standard size pillow. They are created using 3 pieces of linen, one for the front and two on the back with a zipper near the edge. The pillow shams also have a border around them, which I think makes them look more polished and special. Making this set is very easy, but make sure you have plenty of space to lay out your fabric and work, since this will be a large project!

We love the way it turned out, and we are so excited to welcome guests to our home! If you are looking to try this project out for yourself, head over to Fabric Wholesale Direct for the full sewing tutorial.


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