DIY Thanksgiving Table Decor

Thanksgiving table decorations

If there is anything we can all get behind this year, it’s that we are all getting in the holiday mood early! Everyone was going all out for Halloween, and quickly after we have transitioned into Thanksgiving/ Christmas. I usually wait to do Christmas decorating until after Thanksgiving, but the tree went up and it’s making us so happy! Since Thanksgiving is such a food centric holiday, and because it is out first year with a dining table, I decided to go with a Fall themed table scape perfect for a party of six (even if it is only being used for two).

Thanksgiving table decorations

We have a glossy, white dining table at the center point of our dining space/home office (#2020). The table really brightens up the room and makes for the perfect backdrop to any decorating scheme. In order to give it that warmth we all love so much about Fall, I made sure to don the table with rich materials like faux leather placemats, warm-hued plaid napkins, and candles. I also love using eucalyptus along the center of the table. It provides texture and life, but is low profile and doesn’t interfere with talking across the table.

The best part about this table? Almost ALL of these items were DIY projects! The placemats were made using terracotta dotted stretch vinyl. I cut them to be circular to change up the shape from the hard lines of the table, and then sewed two seams around the edges to add a finishing detail. The napkins were made using madras plaid cotton fabric by just cutting large squares and hemming the edges. SO EASY!

Thanksgiving table decorations

I also folded them into this pattern accidentally and ended up loving how they looked! Fold over into a triangle two times. Then, fold back the outside layers into another triangle. Then pull one layer over the others, rotating around the top corner of the napkin. Pull the next layer over slightly less, and then the final layer even less than that. THANKSGIVING READY!

In all seriousness, I hope you have a beautiful and safe holiday. I know this year is different from most, and whether you have a big family or just a two person gathering, make it a special occasion to shine some light on a tough year. Boredom can lead to some pretty beautiful craft projects, so make the most of your time at home!

Head over to Fabric Wholesale Direct to get the full cutting/sewing instructions for the placemats and napkins.


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