Invisible Hem DIY Sewing Tutorial

Hand-sewn Hem DIY - Bunny Baubles 2

There are always those moments when I try on shorts, skirts, pants, or dresses and just wish the length was a little… Different.

Too short? Don’t buy it, there’s no seriously effective way of lengthening something… Especially skirts, eek! But, too long? I’ve got ya covered! This Invisible Hem DIY tutorial is super simple, almost free, and takes only about 30 minutes! The hem can be done without a sewing machine and is basically invisible so you don’t have to mess up the cute look of your shorts or pants with an unsightly seam.

On another note, I’m loving printed statement shorts. They look so cute with a bright or simple top and go from day to night perfectly, especially when you live down here in the triple digits. Gotta love Houston Summer, am I right? So I found some great printed shorts at Banana Republic (they only have them in the gray pattern online now), and they were on sale! But they were a little long, like almost Bermuda shorts but just not long enough. So I rolled them up, tried them on for size, and decided I could work with it! A few stitches later and I’m roaming the Chicago Botanic Garden with my momma!

Hand-sewn Hem DIY - Bunny Baubles 5

Invisible Hem DIY Sewing Tutorial


Long shorts, pants, skirt, etc
Thread to match

1. Try on your shorts and think about how long you want them. If you can, roll the hem up so you can get an idea of what they will look like. Once you pick a length, fold the fabric over and iron down a seam. This will help you to keep the length exactly where you want it as you sew.

Hand-sewn Hem DIY 1

Hand-sewn Hem DIY 2

2. Take your needle and thread and poke through the back of the shorts toward the top of the hem. Pull the thread through and sew back in through the shorts to the back side again very close to the original hole. Repeat this a few times to get a good amount of stitches in. Tie off a knot on the back side of the shorts.

Hand-sewn Hem DIY 3

Hand-sewn Hem DIY 4

Hand-sewn Hem DIY 5

3. Repeat step 2 every 2″ along the hem of the shorts all the way around each leg. And you’re done, it was sew easy!

Hand-sewn Hem DIY - Bunny Baubles 3

Hand-sewn Hem DIY - Bunny Baubles 1

Hand-sewn Hem DIY - Bunny Baubles 4

Clothing Details : Printed Shorts – Banana Republic | Tee-Shirt – Express | Belt – H&M | Sandals – American Eagle Outfitters | Bag – Vintage Dooney and Bourke | Watch – Kate Spade New York | Sunglasses – Target


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