Bunny Decorations Roundup

Bunny Decorations Roudup by Bunny Baubles

Bunny Terrarium | Rabbit Print | Bunny Lamp | Bunny Pillow Cases | Bunny Paper Clip Holder | Rabbit Picture Frame | Rabbit Coat Hook | Bunny Door Stop | Rabbit Tea Towel

Though it’s not Easter, I’ve still been noticing a trend in home decor for bunny decorations. Just one little item can add a lot of character to a simple room, like the fun bunny lamp with the rabbit ears popping out of the top. Unexpected and really adorable. I wanted to do a roundup of all of the items I had stumbled upon – partially for you to discover, and partially because I needed a place to keep them for my future purchasing abilities…

Obviously, I’ve been rocking this trend for a while now with a full blown rabbit art piece above my bed. My art teacher in college asked us to make an image out of sticks that could be our “life logo”, and then we were instructed to draw that stick logo in pencil. I chose to show myself as a tall bunny with all of my shorter bunny friends so only their ears would be showing, as if a photo had been taken and everyone else had been accidentally cut off. All of my senior year roommates in college were at least four inches shorter than me, I kid you not. My teacher thought it was so hilarious and asked if he could put it in the end of the year art show. It was really just an honest representation of my life, but I obviously allowed it, and realized that the last time that had happened was in kindergarten. I guess life really does run full circle? It turned out to be a cooler project than I initially judged it to be, and now it hangs proudly above my bed. It makes me happy, and I’ve decided that’s the only reason to have art at all.

Hope you are all having spectacular weeks! I just flew into Chicago this morning and can’t wait to cuddle up with my parent’s dog, Cedric, before running off to the city for a whirlwind trip with my friends. When I get back I’m itching for some redecoration though. Contemplating a makeover on my DIY Ikea bar, any suggestions?