10 Snow Bunnies to Get you to Christmas


If only I was getting a bunny…alas, here are 10 bunnies that will hop their way into your hearts this winter and hopefully help get you through the last work week before the holiday. I can’t wait to be home in snowy Chicago!

P.S. If anyone spots any Christmas bunnies out there, snap a pic and send ’em to me!

P.P.S. If you make a snow bunny out of actual snow, that would be fantastic, please send me a photo.

 Bunny in a santa hat

Photo Credit: NewsBiscuit.com

Lop Bunny with snow

Photo Credit: Alpenstrasse

Bunny in the snow and plants

Photo Credit: Clearing the Way

Bunny with a puff beanie

Photo Credit: Babble.com

Bunny in a snowstorm

Photo Credit: Hoodoo That Voodoo

Bunny in a Mug

Photo Credit: Adpost.com

Bunny with a santa hat

Photo Credit: TheBerry.com

Bunny with deer

Photo Credit: Comfort Spring Station

White snow bunny

Photo Credit: Animals Ekstrax


Photo Credit: Rise and Shine Rabbitry