Fri-DIY: Cute DIY Halloween Costumes

It’s officially October and Halloween is less than a month away! EEEK! I have no costume yet, nor a solid idea of what I want to be… but I know I’m going to DIY it. I just love homemade costumes. Not only can you be whatever you want to be on Halloween, you can personalize it to fit yourself when you make it. The store bought ones tend to be kind of lame or kind of trashy and definitely kind of pricey – what’s that about?

Like I said, I don’t know what I’m going to go with this year, but I can’t wait to share the DIY with y’all once I figure it out! I figured I would put together a list of some simple homemade costume ideas that are cute (not sexy, ugh) and original so  you guys can get started. Have you decided what you’re going to be yet?

1. Flapper Girl – Fringe, pearls, glitter, done.

Great Gatsby Soiree by Bunny Baubles 5

2. Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland – The only way I can think of to dress as a bunny without feeling completely uncomfortable.


3. The Morton’s Salt Girl – She’s so cute, and you could totally make the salt into a purse for all of your necessities…just saying.


4. Pinata – Is this super simple? No. Is it super fun and adorable? YES.


5. A Pineapple – Not only are they super trendy right now, I just think this is hilarious.


6. Ice Cream – Can you tell that I’m hungry? But really, this is the most elegant ice cream cone I’ve ever seen.

ice cream costume

5 Cutest Bunnies to Follow on Instagram

5 Cutest Bunnies on Instagram

There’s a hilarious trend that has exploded on the internet these days. If you have an adorable animal living with you who eats, sleeps, and gets into trouble, you better put that cutie up on Instagram! People have full accounts devoted to their pets… and I’ve decided I’m on board with it.

If I had a bunny, y’all would know it. It would be all over my Instagram, hopping its way into your hearts. Sniffing flowers, chomping on carrots, and cuddling up on the couch. Since I don’t, I resorted to adopting some sweet little guys that you MUST check out. It’s the perfect fix for a girl who wishes she had a furry friend, without all of the responsibility.

These five accounts are all pretty different, so hopefully you can find one to adopt!

1. @BunnyMama

These three lops are the sweetest little guys. I love seeing them cuddle up and play with each other. But don’t worry… they have their mischievous sides as well…

5 Cutest Bunnies on Instagram by Bunny Baubles 3

2. @CooperThePooper

It’s ok, I giggled at the name too. I have a thing for Netherland Dwarfs and Cooper reminds me so much of my old little bunny, Buttercup! There are pictures going up all day, so you can always check in on his whereabouts.

5 Cutest Bunnies on Instagram by Bunny Baubles 2

3. @BunnyPigi

Talk about a puff of fluff. This guy is so furry you can barely see his eyes!

5 Cutest Bunnies on Instagram by Bunny Baubles 5

4. @Wally_and_Molly

This rabbit almost resembles a poodle, and can hop like I’ve never seen a bunny hop! If you’re looking for a pet with some serious parkour skills, this is your guy.

5 Cutest Bunnies on Instagram by Bunny Baubles 4

5. @PandoraMBunny

Like I said, I have a thing for Netherland Dwarfs. This gal is a real sweetie who fills the classic bunny void in your life.

5 Cutest Bunnies on Instagram by Bunny Baubles 1

Fri-DIY: Prickly Pin Cusion

Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess - Laura Gummerman
Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess – Laura Gummerman

So I stumbled upon this DIY just yesterday and could not believe how adorable it was. Pins + Pin Cushions = Cacti looking object… how has no one put them together before? Well, they hadn’t, and thank goodness A Beautiful Mess made it happen.

By just using some small pots and felt, you can make the least threatening cacti plants you’ve ever seen. Truly, I already own a pin cushion for sewing that I love, but I would make these planters just for decoration. They remind me of something I would find in Chinatown with my friends with little googly eyes and a cheery grin that has no purpose other than to be cute. So I think this project could go either way: decorative or useful.

Try this one out this weekend and let me know how it goes! Thanks again to A Beautiful Mess for the inspiring post.

A Bit of Bunny Blasphemy

Ashamed bunny

Y’all, why has no one reprimanded me!? There has only been exactly 1 bunny post this year, and the name of this blog is Bunny Baubles… So many baubles and so few bunnies. I’ve been seriously slacking on giving you the greatest happiness fluffy bundles of joy can bring! Continue reading “A Bit of Bunny Blasphemy”