Lace Bubble Sleeve Top Sewing Tutorial

In the last year, statement sleeves have really made a comeback. Bell sleeves, flounce sleeves, cold shoulder, ruffles, puff sleeves, you name it. One of the most romantic looks, in my opinion, is the bubble sleeve.

The construction of a bubble sleeve is not much different from a normal sleeve. You start by taking a simple sleeve construction, and then you stretch out the width. The top of the sleeve should be slightly wider to incorporate a puff (this is optional, but helps to balance out the bubble at the cuff). The bottom of the sleeve should flare out instead of tapering to match the width of your wrist. Once you have sewn the sleeve as you normally would, you cinch together the cuff of the sleeve to result in a bubble shape.

Incorporating the bubble sleeve trend with a lace fabric takes a little bit of planning at the front end, but simplifies your sewing process overall. By lining up your sleeve length and the bottom of the front of the shirt with the scalloped edge of the fabric, you are able to avoid hemming the sleeves and bottom of the shirt! It also results in a very romantic and girly finish.

Head over to Fabric Wholesale Direct to check out the full sewing tutorial!


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