Fri-DIY: Prickly Pin Cusion

Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess - Laura Gummerman
Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess – Laura Gummerman

So I stumbled upon this DIY just yesterday and could not believe how adorable it was. Pins + Pin Cushions = Cacti looking object… how has no one put them together before? Well, they hadn’t, and thank goodness A Beautiful Mess made it happen.

By just using some small pots and felt, you can make the least threatening cacti plants you’ve ever seen. Truly, I already own a pin cushion for sewing that I love, but I would make these planters just for decoration. They remind me of something I would find in Chinatown with my friends with little googly eyes and a cheery grin that has no purpose other than to be cute. So I think this project could go either way: decorative or useful.

Try this one out this weekend and let me know how it goes! Thanks again to A Beautiful Mess for the inspiring post.

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