10 Best Gifts for Sewers

I’ve written about the essential sewing tools that any sewer must have before in this post. If you know any aspiring seamstresses who need new tools, you should definitely consider buying them these essential items! But what do people who already sew really want for Christmas?

Besides the all encompassing fabric store gift cards (I don’t think I could ever have enough), the next best thing are these luxury sewing items that would make your projects so much more seamless. Except they probably will have seams because, you know, it’s a sewing project? Somebody stop me with these puns already.

(Basically, if you want to know what tools I don’t have that I would love, read below, minus the dress form.)


  1. Rotary Cutter, $26 – A rotary cutter allows you to simply slice through fabric in a straight cut without getting those jagged edges you sometimes get with scissors.
  2. Self-healing Cutting Mat, $38 – This mat goes hand in hand with a rotary cutter so that you can slice through fabric and not through your nice table. This mat heals itself so it never gets any grooves in it.
  3. Incredible Sewing Scissors, $24 – The best of the best, the sharpest of the sharp.
  4. Pinking Shears, $13 – These might look like those fun scissors you had as a kid. And they are, but they work with fabric. The zig zag edge helps fabric from fraying and allows it to bend more easily.
  5. Bodkin, $2.50 – You know when you have to get elastic through a lonnnng slot? This is basically a much easier to use version of the safety pin method.
  6. Bias Tape Makers, $6 – For making nice edges on a blanket, clothing item, placemat, etc., bias tape is a great way to go. This little tool folds the bias tape without you having to use an iron – so handy!
  7. Trio Marking Pen, $18 – This pen can change from black to white to pink, so no matter what color your fabric is, you can see your lines!
  8. Adjustable Dress Form, $99 – Though you can design clothing without one,  a dress form makes draping so much simpler! You can really get a good fit without having to try a garment on 15 times.
  9. 80 Cone Thread Set, $50 – I mean… with a set like this you wouldn’t have to buy thread for YEARS!
  10. Serger, $190 – If you ask me what I want on my wish list items for sewing, it would be a serger. It gives you the professionally hemmed edge look that all of your clothing has. This is a DREAM tool. This one has great reviews at a very good price.

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