DIY Blush and Gold Christmas Wreath


With Christmas being only weeks away, I’m sure you’ve started your decorating. You pull out all of your glitzy garlands, scented candles, and pine needle centerpieces out of storage, set them up around the house, and then take a look to see that something is missing. Though finding old treasures from past years is fun, it’s always exciting to add something new into the mix.


My gold decor from last year was still really glamorous, but it needed a little pop of color. Going a little non-traditional, I found a white wreath at Michael’s and some gorgeous glittery and blush foam balls, and I set off to make the perfect feminine door hanging!

This wreath takes probably only about 10 minutes to make. I interlaced gold ribbon throughout the pine needles. Then, I opened up some paper clips and stabbed the sharp ends into the foam balls to create hooks for them. If you can find some ornaments you like just as well, then you can just hang them traditionally. Pop some stars and other gold embellishments onto the wreath and you are ready to hang it up!



NOTE: I was able to find all of the items I needed for this wreath at Michael’s but they do not appear to have most of the items linked on their website, so  you will have to check your local store for availability.

What direction are you going on your holiday decorations this year? Traditional green and red, sparkly silver and gold, or rainbow?

DIY Blush and Gold Christmas Wreath


White wreath
Gold Ribbon
8 Blush Foam Balls or Ornaments
8 Paperclips
5 Gold Stars


10 minutes



1. Take your white wreath and pull on the needs to fluff them. My wreath was very compact when I bought it, but it looked much more full once I pulled the strands apart. Then, take you ribbon and start to wind it through the branches in a squiggly pattern. Continue all the way around the wreath.

2. Next, unfold a paperclip on one end and stick the straight end into one of your foam blush balls. Then, unfold the other end a little and use it to hook onto the wreath. Repeat this with all 8 balls to fill in the wreath.

3. The last step is to hang gold stars on to some of the branches around the wreath. Feel free to add any other gold or blush embellishments you want to the wreath to make it even more festive!


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