Cutoff Cropped Hoodie Sewing Tutorial

Being cooped up at home feels like the understatement of the century at this point. I like to think of myself as a homebody, but in an effort to truly not expose myself to anyone else, it’s been a full on lock down these days. We have been avoiding the grocery store as much as possible and doing pick up when we really need it. Going down stairs to get the mail from our mailbox at our apartment feels like a journey these days. Because of this, I think we can all agree that our normal day-to-day wardrobe staples have changed.

Usually, I am wearing business casual every day of the week, workout clothes at night, and I get so excited to wear my cute, casual or dressy items on the weekend. These days it is 100% workout clothing (because I’m going to need it later in the day anyways) or some type of comfortable lounge wear. The tough part is finding a balance between comfortable and sloppy. Looking like a slob can put me into a funk, so I’ve been looking for ways to make my athleisure looks more fun!

One of my favorite new trends are lounge sets that match, especially the ones with oversized cropped sweatshirts! I think these look so cute with leggings, and give the look a little more POP and a little less “I slept in this” look.

You can make this sweatshirt in any color, but I’ve been really into neutrals lately, so I stuck with dark grey. The material I used is just a cotton jersey, so it’s more like a long sleeve tee which is perfect for hanging around the house in. Check out the tutorial over on Fabric Wholesale Direct’s website!

2 thoughts on “Cutoff Cropped Hoodie Sewing Tutorial

  1. Great idea, really cute. I wish I were getting all these lovelies as you tire of them :). Thanks have a great day and weekend as well.


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