10 Best Gifts for Bakers

You may have seen my post last week for the 11 best gifts for craft lovers and DIYers. This year I want to make it easy for you to buy gifts for the people in your life that love to make things. Whether its crafting, baking, or sewing, I have scoured the internet in search of the best gifts that they may have not even heard of yet! This week, I’ve focused on rounding up the best tools baking has to offer.

We’ve all got that sweet tooth friend in our lives… or maybe it’s you. Either way, this list of baking items and tools is set to make your holiday shopping easy as pie! Ya know, pie, baking… you get it. Most bakers already have pans, spoons, and spatulas, so I tried to find more fun and exciting gift options that might be more of a luxury. Check out this list of the 10 best gifts for bakers, which ones are you coveting the most?


  1. Digital Measuring Cup, $13 – This tool is a measuring cup and a scale all in one!
  2. Marble Pastry Slab, $50 – This one is perfect for rolling out pastries and pie dough… or more commonly used in my kitchen for those picture perfect food photos. Makes my kitchen look extra fancy!
  3. Nesting Bowls and Cups, $30 – The colors, the utility, and the storage saving on this cup and bowl set is perfection.
  4. Frosting Tip Set, $38 – This tip set has all the tools a baker will need to frost a cake or cookies to their heart’s desire. Plus it comes in a handy storage container.
  5. Microplane Zester, $15 – I swear by this zester for any citrus dessert making I do. It makes getting that tart rind off of fruit incredibly easy.
  6. Rainbow Baking Cups, $6 – Bakers are always needing more baking cups for cupcakes and muffins, and this set comes in all the colors of the rainbow!
  7. Pretty Cake Stand with Dome, $54 – It took a lot of work to make that cake, it deserves to be put on display! A cake stand and dome set is perfect for showing off a cake and then storing it later on.
  8. Baker Cheat Sheet Apron, $19 – The number of times I’ve used my dirty hands to open my phone and check a measurement is obscene. This apron would solve all my lock button woes!
  9. Personalized Embossing Rolling Pin, $35 – Is it ridiculous? Yes. But is it also going to be the best gift ever for someone who loves to make pies? Also yes.
  10. KitchenAid Mixer, $250 – I mean, do I have to even explain? This standing mixer is the creme de la creme of mixers and every baker’s dream tool.

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