The Houston Food Blogger Collective

Houston Food Blogger Collective

So there is no Fri-DIY today, but I have some very exciting news. I’ve been accepted into the Houston Food Blogger Collective! I’m joining tons of other amazing food bloggers, photographers, bakers, and lovers in their search and adoration of good food. I will be attending events at various Houston establishments and look forward to sharing photos and recipes with y’all so you can enjoy all that Houston and it’s food have to offer.

Along with the introduction to satisfactory sips and snacks, I’m looking forward to an introduction to some really amazing Houston food bloggers. Since I usually share something with you all on Friday’s, I wanted to share some posts from some of my new favorite Houston bloggers! Check them out and watch out for drool….

Erika from Pancake Princess is quite literally the queen of the cake. Her pictures are to die for, and the food is fit for royalty. Just look at this stack. Did I mention there’s buckwheat in there? I don’t know how she makes such healthy things so delicious, but she does.

Photo Credit: Pancake Princess
Photo Credit: Pancake Princess

I was obviously drawn in by the blog name at Let them Eat Queso (you know me and puns), but I love the mix of travel, recipes, and food adventures that Hannah shares. Her last recipe post was for fried green tomatoes, a perfect accompaniment to eggs at brunch that I see down here a lot!

Photo Credit: Let them Eat Queso
Photo Credit: Let them Eat Queso

Rachel from Southern Fairytale has my mouth watering with the delights she’s been sharing lately. This butterscotch pecan monkey bread looks like a food coma waiting to happen…

Photo Credit: Southern Fairytale
Photo Credit: Southern Fairytale

Next time I talk with you, maybe I’ll have actually met some of these people! Have a lovely weeked!

2 thoughts on “The Houston Food Blogger Collective

  1. Aww thanks for the shout out, Julia!! I’m so glad you joined the collective and I’m looking forward to seeing you at all the events!

    Your blog is looking fabulous btw–I just stalked a dozen of your sewing DIY posts and your sewing skills are seriously AMAZING. If only I had the patience!!

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