Peaches n’ S’Cream Recipe

Peaches n' S'Cream Ice Cream by Bunny Baubles

Not surprisingly, this Summer just keeps getting hotter. I’ve started to give up on tanning at the pool, or as it’s more commonly known as, Julia trying to read mystery novels while being as close to completely underwater as possible. Even my AC has been giving up, leaving the apartment at a cool 78 degrees on a normal basis. Yuck!

Peaches n' S'Cream Ice Cream by Bunny Baubles 6

Peaches n' S'Cream Ice Cream by Bunny Baubles 3

As a baker, I hate forcing myself to turn the oven off, but it had to be done. If I start up the oven, I also start up the sweating. Cute. So, to replace my cookie craving, I turned to a colder alternative that required no heat! My sweet friend, homemade ice cream, has come to the rescue, and may have even taken a front seat in my heart.

Peaches n' S'Cream Ice Cream by Bunny Baubles 1

With the help of Megan’s Cuisinart, I was inspired to turn one of my favorite classic combos into a frozen swirl of delight. You know those combos that you keep going back to, like PB+J, mac n’ cheese, and bacon and eggs? The one I can’t say no to is peaches and cream. By combining the bright flavors of sweet and sour peaches with the deep creaminess of milk and vanilla, you have a match made in heaven.

Peaches n' S'Cream Ice Cream by Bunny Baubles 5

This recipe uses a simple vanilla ice cream as a base. To that I added peeled peaches sauteed in butter, brown sugar, and spices to marry them together. The brown sugar and cinnamon add a deeper flavor to the peaches, and help to cut any sour notes that would be too harsh with the vanilla. I used a vanilla bean paste for this recipe as opposed to regular vanilla that I would highly recommend. It has real vanilla bean seeds in it, so it adds a lot more flavor, as well as the visual of seeing vanilla seeds without having to scrape the bean. I’m lazy, sue me.

Peaches n' S'Cream Ice Cream by Bunny Baubles 4

For a new twist on your classic vanilla ice cream, try out this recipe and let me know what you think! I’ve single handedly eaten half of mine in the last week. It was National Ice Cream Day on Sunday though, so I feel like I’m just being festive.

Peaches n' S'Cream Ice Cream

  • Servings: 12 1/2 cup servings
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


2 cups Heavy Cream
2 cups Whole Milk
3/4 cup Sugar
2 tsp. Vanilla Bean Paste
Pinch of Salt
2 large Peaches
3 Tbs. Brown Sugar
1 Tbs. Butter
1 Tbs. Cinnamon
1 tsp. Nutmeg

1. To make the vanilla ice cream base, mix together the heavy cream, whole milk, sugar, vanilla bean paste, and salt in a large bowl and stir until all of the sugar has dissolved. Place the bowl in the refrigerator and cool while you make the peach mixture.

2. Start the peach mixture by peeling the peaches and chopping them into small pieces. Melt the butter in a pan and add to it the peaches, brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Heat for just a few minutes until the brown sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat and place to the side to cool.

3. Pull your vanilla ice cream base out of the refrigerator, turn your ice cream maker on, and pour the liquid into the frozen bowl. Let the machine churn the ice cream for 15 minutes.

4. Once frozen, scrape half of the ice cream into a sealed container. Then spoon half of the peach mixture into the ice cream. Cover the peaches with more ice cream and add the remaining peaches over the top. Use a spoon to further combine the peaches into the ice cream. Freeze the ice cream for at least an hour.

Recipe by Bunny Baubles Blog

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