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Bunny Baubles DIY Jewelry Holder

My bulletin board was something of a travesty, holding a couple of ticket stubs and a coupon to get my oil changed. My necklaces were also quite the mess. Shoved into an organizer 3 per compartment, they didn’t stay as arranged as one would hope…

The only suitable fix was this DIY Necklace Display. They’re already pieces of art in themselves, so why not put them up on the wall? A bulletin board is the perfect choice of display because you can add, remove, and change the hooks (pushpins) as often as you like! The silver pushpins also give the effect of nailhead trim, which is everywhere in home decor right now. See below to recycle your old bulletin board for next to nothing!

DIY Bulletin Board Jewelry Hanger


Bulletin board
2 boxes of Silver Pushpins (150 pins per box)
Masking tape

1. Place a piece of masking tape about 1/2″ from the edge of the bulletin board as a marker for where to put the pushpins. Begin at the corner by placing the pins in a line barely touching the tape.

Pushpins in box

DIY Jewelry Holder

2. Continue around the board with the tape and pushpins until you have completed a full border. Remove the tape. Lookin’ snazzy already!

Bulletin board with pins for Jewelry holder

3. Get all of the jewelry you want to display together and lay it out. I did all necklaces, but you could add bracelets too. Once you have them laid out, start to arrange them by size and shape on the board. This helps you to know where to put the hanging pins. You can also put more than one necklace on each pin if they are small.

Jewelry laid out on bulletin board

4. Push the pins halfway into the board to create hooks at the top of each necklace. Once you have done this for all of the jewelry, stand up the bulletin board and see how it looks! I ended up adjusting many of the pins to line them up better and make the board look neater.

Pushpins for hooks for DIY Jewelry Holder

5. Hang the board and bask in it’s sparkling glory!

DIY Jewelry Holder on wall

Mixing fashion and home décor into one piece: basically my dream come true.


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