Watermelon Mint Spritzer Recipe

 Watermelon Mint Spritzer Recipe from Bunny Baubles

I’m all for trying new drinks, especially when there’s a crowd about to help me drink them! For the Fourth I had a few lovely people over for a relaxed day of chatter, soccer viewing, and drinks. Being that it was the Fourth, we purchased an enormous watermelon. As in way too big for 6 people to eat along with the abundant hot dog and guac diet we had prepared for the menu. Continue reading “Watermelon Mint Spritzer Recipe”

Tipsy Texan Blood Orange Margaritas Recipe

Blood Orange Margaritas from Bunny Baubles 2

This past weekend was absolutely incredible. With the arrival of homecoming weekend at my alma mater, so came the arrival of all of my long lost soulmates! Such excitement called for cocktails, and anyone who knows us knows we love margaritas. Blood orange ones to be exact. But one of our favorite happy hour joints took them off the menu! Continue reading “Tipsy Texan Blood Orange Margaritas Recipe”