DIY Geometric Pineapple Art

DIY Geometric Pineapple Art 14

Summer has arrived and I am ready for some new artwork around the house! I love switching decor up each season to keep things fresh. Vibrant colors and fruity patterns always speak to me during the hot Summer months. I saw this adorable pineapple print on Pinterest and wanted to make my own DIY geometric pineapple artwork. Continue reading “DIY Geometric Pineapple Art”

Herringbone Brick Patterned Art DIY

DIY Canvas Picture Frame by Bunny Baubles Blog 8

Buying a huge canvas on a whim at a craft store was something I had always wanted to do. So I did it!… and then I had no idea what to paint. Such a large surface was slightly intimidating, though I really needed artwork to go above the couch. And so began the ever enticing, and always addicting, Pinterest filled afternoon. I found this great painting that looked so amazing and it was listed as a DIY, but it turned out to be something you could purchase and there were no instructions for creating it. Booooo! Continue reading “Herringbone Brick Patterned Art DIY”