DIY Geometric Pineapple Art

DIY Geometric Pineapple Art 14

Summer has arrived and I am ready for some new artwork around the house! I love switching decor up each season to keep things fresh. Vibrant colors and fruity patterns always speak to me during the hot Summer months. I saw this adorable pineapple print on Pinterest and wanted to make my own DIY geometric pineapple artwork.

Using scraps of colored paper and some tape, this home decor came together so simply. I cut out some hexagons for the spiky base out of orange, yellow, and pink paper. Adding the little crown shapes on top gave it some texture and dimension. To create the pineapple leaves, long strips and triangles were cut out of various green and blue hues. I laid out the pattern on to a blue background, taped it down, and framed it in a gold frame.

DIY Geometric Pineapple Art 6

This splashy print is cheap to make and really makes a bold statement. I hung mine in my bathroom and it makes me smile every morning! I’m feeling a watermelon version coming to a living room near you…

DIY Geometric Pineapple Art 13

See below for the full tutorial.

DIY Geometric Pineapple Art


Colored scrapbook paper – I used orange, deep yellow, light yellow, light pink, pink, dark pink, navy, teal, light green, green, and purple
Light blue foam core board
Exacto Knife
Scotch tape
16″ x 20″ Ikea Frame
Gold Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush
Hot glue and Hot Glue Gun




4 hours

1. Start by cutting out hexagon (about 1″ x 1″), pentagon, and triangle shapes in the paper colors as listed below. I’m going to instruct you how to make my pineapple exactly using a sort of paint by numbers organization, but you can feel free to get creative with the colors. The hexagons do not have to be perfect, but if you want them to be consistent you can use one of your hexagons cut out and then trace it with a pencil to make the rest. Fill in the rest of the space around the main hexagons with the pentagons and triangles to complete the oval shape of the fruit.

DIY Geometric Pineapple Art 1

Color 1 – 2 triangles
Color 2 – 1 hexagon, 1 half hexagon, 3 triangles
Color 7 – 1 triangle
Color 8 – 7 hexagons, 2 triangles
Color 9 – 12 hexagons, 1 pentagon, 1 triangle
Color 10 – 5 hexagons, 1 half hexagon
Color 12 – 1 pentagon, 1 half hexagon, 3 triangles

DIY Geometric Pineapple Art 3

DIY Geometric Pineapple Art 4

2. Cut out crown shapes from your colored paper in the paper colors as listed below. Again, you can trace one with a pencil if you would like more consistency. Place them within the hexagons and pentagons.

Color 1 – 5 crown
Color 2 – 2 crowns
Color 7 – 9 crowns
Color 10 – 1 crown
Color 11 – 3 crowns

DIY Geometric Pineapple Art 5

DIY Geometric Pineapple Art 8

3. Cut your foam core board to 16″ x 20″ (or to the exact size of your frame if not using the Ikea 16″ x 20″ frame) with your exacto knife on a surface like a self healing mat or a granite counter. Start to arrange your hexagons on the lower half of your foam core board, leaving a bit of space between each of them.

4. Once you have everything laid out in an order that you like, tape each one of the pieces down with a strip of Scotch tape folded in half on the back.

DIY Geometric Pineapple Art 7

5. Cut out triangles and triangles with beak shapes at the end from the colored paper as listed below and arrange these on top of your pineapple oval to make the leaves. Tape them down.

Color 3 – 6 leaves
Color 4 – 3 leaves
Color 5 – 9 leaves
Color 6 – 6 leaves

DIY Geometric Pineapple Art 9

6. For the frame, take your Ikea frame and paint it many coats of acrylic gold paint, letting each coat dry before starting the next. Take the cardboard piece out of the back of the frame and replace it with your foam core artwork. Fold the metal frame tabs down on top of the foam core. Hot glue the hanger from the cardboard insert on to the back of the frame, and then hang it up for Summer!

DIY Geometric Pineapple Art 10

DIY Geometric Pineapple Art 11

DIY Geometric Pineapple Art 12


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