DIY Velvet Quilted Bolster Pillow Tutorial

We are back from our wedding (!!! More to come on that!) and it feels so good to come back to a fresh home!

With all of this time staying at home, we have had ample time to reflect on what our houses look like. Almost everyone I know has changed something up in their homes, whether it be investing in new furniture over fourth of July sales, cleaning up their yards, or trying out some new paint colors. We personally live in a smaller two bedroom apartment, so you better believe that I was nitpicking every single little corner!

Our bedroom has always been a mix of my old mid-century, pink bachelorette pad items with Kyle’s more masculine pieces. Our bedding is really lovely, but it just needed a pop of bright color for the summer which could transition to fall to change things up. Lately I have been more drawn to orange hues, and they work so well with blue! By adding a velvet, rust colored bolster pillow and changing out the artwork above the bed, it has totally transformed the space and really added some depth.

Making a bolster pillow is actually really simple. I only cut one piece of fabric and one piece of batting to create this pillow case, sewed them together with a handful of vertical stitches, and then sewed around the edges and added a zipper! It’s kind of a pointless pillow, other than for decoration, but it really makes a difference, don’t you think?

Take a look at the tutorial over on Fabric Wholesale Direct for all of the details and dimensions.


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