We’re Moving! Saying goodbye to our Houston apartment

After being in Houston for the last 10ish years, Kyle and I are moving to Colorado! It’s crazy to think that we won’t be in the first city we met in, made so many friends in, went to school in, and have worked in our entire careers, but we are so excited about this next chapter. The lifestyle will be completely different going from a city to essentially right up in the mountains, and I’m pretty sure there is a whole new wardrobe ready to be sewn on my sewing machine once we get up there (hello snow!). We are ready for some outdoor adventures together, and for friends and family to come visit us!

We have loved living in Houston, and we will always consider it our home, especially with having so many amazing friends here we love and will miss dearly. The food scene is practically unrivaled, the culture is so welcoming and diverse (I have learned so much living here from the people), and the weather… well, I will miss November and March! All jokes aside, it has been such a wonderful city to live in, and we cherish all of the time and the experiences we have had here.

These shelves changed 100 times, I couldn’t stop rearranging them and restyling them. This was an early stage decor layout.

We also have really loved our apartment. Kyle lived here before me with a friend, and then I moved in when we got engaged. I put my spin on the decor, and made sure to leave a few of the bachelor touches they had put in place (gotta love whiskey bottle decor). The space was incredibly easy to move in to. Huge closet, the world’s largest apartment kitchen, and lovely views of west Houston. The only thing it didn’t have was a real dining space outside of the kitchen counter, but for everyday use it was perfect for us.

Our room with a mix of our things!
Master bath
I will miss this purse and shoe shelf!

When the pandemic started, we were a little worried about how small our space was going to be, though. It’s not NYC or SF small, but two people had to eat, exercise, work, and sleep in this space 24/7 and it was looking very tricky to get that worked out. Shockingly though, we came to really just love it. The huge kitchen to experiment with making countless loaves of bread, the stunning balcony to read and sip cocktails on, and the access to a beautiful neighborhood for safe grocery shopping and evening walks made it so livable. We also joked it was the best test right before we got married to be stuck together for so long going through some really hard experiences – we still liked each other!!

Our Texas themed guest room

Whether it was getting used to sharing my space with a more private person who may not want their entire life on the internet, or enjoying keeping something private for once, I never ended up sharing any true home decor photos of this apartment outside of this pillow project I just completed. So as we say goodbye to Houston, I wanted to share a few shots of our first home together!


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