DIY Robin Stranger Things Costume

Happy October first! This year for Halloween, I wanted to recreate one of my favorite new characters from one of my favorite Netflix shows: Robin from Stranger Things! She worked alongside Steve Harrington at the ice cream shop at the mall, and even though we see her over many episodes, she consistently has her ice cream shop uniform on, thus making it the perfect Halloween costume as it’s her only outfit!

Stranger Things 1

Stranger Things 2

The uniform is made up of four major components: a striped tee shirt, blue shorts, blue vest, and white collar with a red bow. In order to shorten the DIY process, I made the vest and shorts from royal blue fabric and the collar from white and red fabric. The shirt was purchased on Amazon and cut to size. A great time saver on this project is buying bias tape to create the stripes on the shorts and the collar instead of making the stripes out of fabric.

I couldn’t help myself, so I made myself an ice cream pin and name tag out of paper, cardboard, and a pin taped to the back. I even pulled my hair back so that I had the shortest layers out to try to look as much like Maya Hawke as possible. If you’re going to commit, you’ve gotta go for it!

Head over to Fabric Wholesale Direct for the whole sewing tutorial.


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