Matching Pajama Set with Piping Sewing Tutorial

There’s something about getting older that makes you appreciate really nice pajamas. Some of my favorite evenings are getting home from work, exhausted, and loving the feeling of a hot shower and slipping into my PJ’s to enjoy Netflix and my favorite Trader Joe’s frozen Indian meal. My life is exciting, I know.

I recently purchased a couple of matching pajama sets with the button up top and adorable piping, and I just can’t get enough of this look! The ones I got from a not-to-be-named big box store have really rumpled out of shape though. This is what I get for spending $22 on a full set of pajamas. Making my own seemed like the perfect solution so that I could pick quality fabric and make as many pairs as my heart desired.

I will note that this project is not for the faint of heart. I had dreamed of myself just cranking out PJ’s week after week, but I’m not so sure I plan to do that. First off, my local sewing stores did not sell pre-made piping. This isn’t a disaster, but I had to make my own which consists of sewing a tiny cord into a long strip of white fabric. Once I had made it all, I had to sew it between two layers of fabric as perfectly as possible to be able to avoid uneven piping (which I still wasn’t 100% successful on). Secondly, there are buttons and collars, and thus the addition of button hole making and ironing of interfacing. Nothing on its own is all that difficult, but the addition of everything together takes a lot of time.

The pattern used to make these pajamas is Butterick Lisette B6296. I found that the instructions were a little tricky to follow in some circumstances, and I also found some measurements to be a little off. In order to help you out, I have posted an entire tutorial of my experience making these PJs on Fabric Wholesale Direct with my alterations! Head over to their site to find this lightweight, cotton fabric and the instructions.


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